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A review of 2012: Lists

I have been putting together some lists about what I loved and hated about 2012. Also, what I learned and other fun lists. 2012 was an interesting year. I finally began to feel at home in Maryland and really had begun to appreciate the relationships I have. I feel like I have definitely matured and learned a lot about myself. Of course, there were also some depressing and upsetting moments about 2012. Read on to hear more about MY 2012.

BEST moments of 2012

  • Baby Clare– My bestest friend not only got married this year but had the most beautiful baby girl. I am so excited to love her and spoil her and be the best auntie ever!


  • New addition to the family- Tucker! After the death of my parents’ dog Lancy (see Worst of 2012), my mom decided to adopt Tucker, a lab/shepherd/other dog mix. He is a lot different than Lancey. He is big, energetic, and very playful.  I love, love, love him!

IMG_2689 IMG_2668


  • Bruce Springsteen– I am a HUGE Bruce fan and this year I was able to see him perform TWICE. He is an amazing performer, a Jersey Shore native, and in my head (a great friend)! I was so excited and it made me so happy to watch him perform.


  • Lost 15 lbs– This was something I didn’t even know I needed until I look back at pictures. I always knew I needed to lose a few pounds but I didn’t realize how much I needed to lose to feel  better about myself. I used to have a hard time picking out clothes to wear and i could try on a million outfits and never feel comfortable. Nowadays, I feel comfortable in almost anything and I feel a lot better about myself!
  • Half Marathon PR– My goal last year was to run a half marathon in under 2:00 and I was able to fulfill that goal in January of 2011 at the ING Miami Half Marathon. It took almost a year and a half to beat that PR and I did that with a great training plan and a lot of drive in May 2012 at the Long Branch Half Marathon. I finished in 1:56:09!
  • MY BLOG– In July 2012, Runner Ritsa was born. Although I am still a new blogger and learning the gist of things, I have already met great people, learned a lot, and have become involved more in the social networking world. I am also proud to be a Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador and Greatist Ambassador!

WORST moments of 2012

  • Injuries galore– This year I experienced not one, not two, but THREE injuries and I am still trying to recover from them. First it was my IT band in August and I recovered in about 3 weeks. At the beginning of October, I injured my knee and I am in Physical Therapy hoping to recover soon. AND at the beginning of December, I woke up (seriously) with ankle pain. I am now going to PT for both my knee and ankle. I was hoping to be injury free in 2013 but now I have changed my outlook and goal to work harder to recover from my injuries in the new year, instead.
  • Lancy– Like I mentioned above, my parents’ dog passed away at the beginning of 2012. Lancy was old and suffering and is now watching over us and our new pup. It was definitely a sad time, especially for my mom, and to come home to a home without being greeted by Lancy.
  • 2012 in the news– This year has been awful when it comes to the horrific occurrences and violence that have been seen throughout the news. This includes the Newtown, CT shooting, the movie theater shooting, and last but certainly not least…
  • Hurricane Sandy– This superstorm really hit home, literally. My town, Point Pleasant, and many surrounding NJ Shore towns (also NY, CT, etc) were destroyed. The Shore is beginning to recover but it will take a long time to get back to where we were.

I am not spending  a lot of time on the worst of 2012 because it makes me sad and I am ready to move on and begin a HAPPY 2013.

Running moments of 2012

  • PRs– I have had a lot of PR’s this year. It includes my half marathon PR (above; 1:56:09), a 5k PR (21:55), a 5 mile PR (42:18), and a 10k PR (51:35). Looking to beat some of these times in 2013!
  • Speed work– I introduced my body and running to speed work this year and I cannot believe how much I have improved. Don’t like speed work? Look at the bullet above. Speed work definitely pays off!
  • Learning to injury proof my body- This year I also learned the importance of stretching, foam rolling, and rest. In hind sight, I would have practiced these 3 principles religiously in order to avoid the injuries I sustained throughout this year but of course, hind sight is always 20/20. In 2013, I am resolving to stretch, foam roll,  and ice every day. I will also make sure to rest my body.

Workouts of 2012

I tried a lot of new workouts in 2012 and I wanted to share my favorites.

  • Run Less, Run Faster: FIRST running program by Furman University- This training program has plans for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon. You run less (3x a week) in order to prevent injury and incorporate speed work and tempo runs every week. Yes, SPEED WORK!
  • Nike Training Club– If you havent already, download the NTC app on your smartphone. There are quick workouts for every body part, cardio circuits, and strength training circuits. The more you workout, the more awards you receive, like unlocking new workouts (i.e. yoga, abs, Kara Goucher’s workouts!).
  • Tabatas– A lot of sweating in a small amount of time. Download a tabata timer on your phone and try a tabata when you are short on time. It is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and repeat for 4 minutes (or 8 rounds). Think exercises like squat jumps, burpees, pushups or whatever your heart and muscles desire!

Favorite Movies of 2012

  • The Dark Night Rises– I am a huge Batman fan. I love and have seen all the batman movies and even have a mile marker out in Pennsylvania that has been designated as Gotham City. I am a nerd! In 8th grade, Ashley and I went to stay with her grandmother out in Western Pennsylvania. We kept a journal on the long drive and listened to a cassette of R. Kelly’s Gotham City along the way. Gotham City was born at a mile marker that is well forgotten. If only we could find our old notebook.
  • Pitch Perfect– A VERY funny movie about a cappella groups in college.
  • Brave– This was a very cute Disney movie. I love Disney movies and I love how many of the new Disney movies are now intended for audiences of all ages!

I enjoy going to the movies but I have to admit that I didn’t make it much this past year. I just didn’t see that many great movies worth going to see.

What I learned in 2012

  • I love to bake
  • I am stubborn (when it comes to resting and not running)
  • I absolutely love Surf Taco and can eat it 4 days in a row (yes, it has happened)
  • If you are mad or sad, force yourself to smile. More than likely, you will keep smiling and actually think of something worth smiling about and forget about (even if for a moment) why you are mad or upset.

Best of 2012 in Pictures

In no particular order…

Tim & I

photo 5-1

Good picture except for the sun in our eyes!

Mid 15 mile run water break and photo break! :)

The finish line is sooo close. Focus!

photo 1(33)photo 1(40)$1DAC95AFD95198C8IMG_0792 IMG_0885
IMG_2398 IMG_3031


2012 in 5 words

  • Delicious
  • Speedy
  • Appreciative
  • Love
  • Ouch

What did your 2012 look like?

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!


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