2012, Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday..

….On Wednesday. I have been really bad about posting my Top 5 Tuesday posts and I wrote one last night but in a sleepy haze I forgot to press publish. Better late than never. That has been my motto lately.

And I also promise that this is my LAST post about 2012. And may seem like a shortened version of my Review of 2012.

Top 5 Events of 2012

  • The year of the PR
      • Last year I worked on my speed work A LOT. And it paid off. I PRed in the half marathon by more than 3 minutes. I PRed in the 10k by more than 11 minutes and the 5 mile by a little over a minute. Lastly, I also PRed in the 5k by 3 minutes!
  • Baby Clare
      • I know I have already mentioned my sweet “niece” Clare but she is definitely one of the big events of 2012. I was so excited for her arrival and she is the cutest little nugget ever!

58215_893095622487_1367294323_n 222197_883952919537_692877844_n

  • First “Real” Vacation with the Boyf
      • Yes, this is a top 5 event of 2012. I love traveling and going on vacation to warm, sunny places. This year I was able to go away for work, get some playtime in, and bring Tim. Kill 3 birds with one stone? We got to hang out in Palm Beach for 3 days and Miami Beach for 3 days. It was nice to be away from home, work for some of the week, and just let loose with the boyf!
Yup.. that’s love right there.
  • The arrival of the new menace of the house, Tucker.
      • Tucker, the German Shepherd/Lab mix is the newest addition to my parents house and a BIG dog we are not used. He is also very smart. He can let himself in from the backyard back into the kitchen. He knows how to get into the pantry and has enjoyed many saltines, oatmeal packets, and granola bars. He also can sniff out “food” in presents under the tree. Back in December he got into my GU packets and Honey Stingers that my mom had wrapped up for me for Christmas! Boy, was he energetic that day. But besides being a menace, he is literally the most cuddly dog I have ever experienced. He will jump on the couch or bed and not sit next to you but sprawl himself across you. My kind of dog!


  • The Year(s) of Weddings
      • I am at that age that all of my friends are getting married. In the last 4 years, I have attended 13 weddings. This year 3 close friends got married and I also was a bridesmaid for the first time. I LOVE weddings. I love finding a new dress to wear, eating great hors d’ouvres, and dancing the night away with the best of friends (and date) around. 2013 brings 2 more weddings!


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