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Breakfast and Elliptical Circuit

Thursdays I work from home so it is always nice to have time to make breakfast. On other days, I am usually rushing out of the house and have to make something out of whatever I have at work. The best thing about being home for breakfast? Eggs!

This morning I made scrambled eggs and old fashioned oats. I have definitely been experimenting with oats a lot lately and today’s concoction was a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Oatmeal.

photo 2(45)

pb&c oats

I’d love to hear what you put in your oats. I am always looking for new recipes and ingredient combinations!

And now onto my elliptical circuit…

Due to my injuries, I have become familiar and friendly with the elliptical trainer a lot lately. Yesterday, I did a great 30 minute workout that burned some serious calories. It was just what I needed to feel good about my fitness level! This circuit may seem confusing but all you have to do is hit the cross ramp up button once every minute until you hit 12 and then start decreasing. For the resistance, increase it every 5 minutes until the last 5 minutes which you will cool down at a resistance of 8.

30min elliptical circuit

Check out my cardio workouts and strength training pages for more circuits and exercises!


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