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PT Update (and Back workout)

A month and a half into Physical Therapy and I am now suffering from two injuries but I am finally starting to heal. My Physical Therapist Teddy is awesome and understands how much I want to run and exercise and knows how much it means to me. We have worked on balancing exercises and now focusing more on strengthening my hips, quads, calves, and basically every part of my lower body and I no longer feel ankle pain (knock on wood) and my knee is slowly getting better.

I am no longer antsy about getting out for a run. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but at least I am not frustrated (or AS frustrated) or angry or unhappy anymore about my injuries. I have accepted them and am doing everything I can to heal. My injury has also made me focus on my upper body which may be a blessing in disguise because a strong upper body, including a strong core, are important for a runner.

Yesterday’s workout focused on Back and Triceps. Below is the workout. If you have any doubts with the exercises, they can easily be googled or you can ask me!



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