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Lean Legs (and WOD)

The days I work from home are challenging because I don’t go to the gym. I work out at the gym at my work which is about a 30 minute drive from home so I usually go to the gym right after work and then drive home. On days I telework, I am cheap and don’t want to use gas to drive to work and back to work out. So yesterday’s work out was a home work out. I made sure to schedule legs on Thursday because I can use a lot of body weight exercises to get the job done.

I put together a lean legs workout I found online awhile ago but with my own tweaks. I also added a second part to it for a more runners legs geared work out. One thing I learned from PT was that I need to strengthen my legs so this workout does the trick. I ended with a home WOD I found on my local CrossFit’s website. By the way, I am going to my FIRST CrossFit WOD at an actual “box” on Monday!!!



This WOD killed me!!! In just 8 minutes, my legs were shaking and I had lost my appetite for dinner. That was unfortunate because dinner was fish tacos, quinoa blend, and veggies!!! I obviously found my appetite because I do not turn down fish tacos, even if their not from Surf Taco.


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