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I finally tried CrossFit

I had off from work on Monday and was able to get a bunch of errands done. I also have been feeling a lot stronger in my knee and ankle and FINALLY decided to check out a local CrossFit “box” and try my very first CrossFit WOD that wasn’t in my own living room. My review consists of 3 words: I LOVED IT!

photo 1(50)

I loved the atmosphere at CrossFit Bel Air and everyone was very nice and helpful. I was shown exactly how to do each exercise and the coach actually stayed with me almost the entire time making sure my form was correct and pushing me to finish. I am going back today because I can’t get enough!


This super hard WOD (work out of the day) took me 7:44 to finish. It was pure torture in a hurt so good sort of way but it made me nervous that one of the other women told me that this was one of the easier ones. Yikes!

photo 2(46)

Today’s WOD has running involved so I am pumped. The outcome of that WOD to follow…

Earlier Monday morning…

I did some much needed grocery shopping for a few things at Wegmans because I am sick of eating lunch and dinner out. I picked up a lot of produce and meats to accompany my full pantry of pasta, quinoa, rice, etc. so that I had enough meals to last the rest of the week. I picked up a Wegmans brand Special Blends Asian Chopped Salad Kit that included Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Almonds, Wonton Noodles, Green Onion & Fresh Cilantro with a delicious Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette. I mixed it with spinach and mixed greens, added turkey pepperoni, and 2% shredded cheese and put it in a tupperware container that should last the rest of the week.

I ate this amazing salad (go try it now!) before CrossFit with a Morningstar turkey burger with cheese and buffalo sauce (duh!).

photo 2(47) photo 3(38)

Do you like Wegmans!? What is your favorite Wegmans find?


2 thoughts on “I finally tried CrossFit”

  1. I’ve never tried crossfit either. I’m much more of a runner- not really into the big lifting stuff or any of that. But it has to be good since so many people are into it these days! And all of my friends are obsessed with wegmans. I’ve only been once and didn’t really get the full “experience” but I definitely need to get back there so I can soak up all the amazing things it has to offer.

    1. I used to only run and ever since I got injured, I am finding different ways to stay active. Ive done a lot of the “home WODs” and decided to finally get my lazy butt and try out officially. It is a lot of fun and some of the exercises are just body weight so you are not doing “heavy weight lifting”.

      WEGMANS IS AWESOME. Go back for a REAL experience.

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