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Nothing hurts more than…

Not running. And then you run, and NOTHING HURTS! Tuesday was my first run in 3 months that I felt NO PAIN! I went straight to Physical Therapy afterwards and Teddy noticed right away that I was smiling from ear to ear and had to ask. “I RAN, I RAN, I RAN.. and I feel no aches or pains.”

No, I didn’t run 10 miles, or even 5 miles. I ran 2 miles and haven’t been this happy in months! I ran 1 mile last Sunday and felt really discouraged when a 9:30 pace was hard for me. Yesterday, I ran 2 miles in 18:19. My first mile was at an average pace of 9:25 and my second mile was at an average pace of 8:54! The best part? I STILL have no aches and pains today. I have finally had a breakthrough with my recovery and all the hard work I have put into my body over the last few months.

photo 1(51) photo 2(48)

After my terrific run, I hopped on the elliptical trainer for a quick interval workout. 20 minutes is all you need and I promise you will be sweating. All you have to do is either pick an interval workout and change the intensity every minute. One minute you are a speed demon, the next minute you should be recovering. Repeat until you hit 20 minutes. If your elliptical trainer does not have an interval setting, you can create your own workout from the manual setting using the workout I created below.



3 thoughts on “Nothing hurts more than…”

  1. I’m so happy for you!!! Getting back into running is the most gratifying feeling in the world. And that’s a great elliptical workout to kick that booty 😉

    1. I’m doing a couple of halfs in Boston this summer but during the school year I’m in track season so I don’t run a lot of races. I’d love someone to run with on my sunday long runs, though 🙂

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