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Thailand Bound

First, I am going to apologize for my lack of posting lately. I have been crazy busy. My daily schedule has been working until 4, heading to the gym for cardio, then to CrossFit and by the time I get home I have time to eat, shower and go to bed and frankly, I have not been up to posting. I am also saving you from boring posts since they would probably sound pretty repetitive.

Second, I am going to add that I am heading to Bangkok tomorrow for a week and probably wont have time to post next week either. Wow, isn’t this a rule in Bad Blogging 101? Lack of blogging makes thy not a blogger? I promise to take pretty pictures and post them as soon as I return!

Anyway, even though I have been super busy, I (or my roomie on PT nights) have been able to whip up some delicious dinners this week. I could give you recipes but most of my dinners are self explanatory and the ingredients are whatever I have in the fridge or pantry.

Tuesday night’s dinner was a Tomato, Mozzarella, Chicken Salad with some extra veggies thrown in and a balsamic glaze for flavor.


With the extras from Tuesday, Alyssa made chicken, orzo, and veggies for dinner last night. So yummy.

photo 3(41)

Breakfast has also been switched up this week. I (and by I, I mean Tim) FINALLY found the Pear Chobani  at Walmart. It was delicious, as all Chobani flavors are, but Blood Orange is still my favorite. I have also been craving peanut butter and jelly lately. I am not sure why. To make it a little bit more nutritious, I have been spreading grape jelly and Wegmans‘ Organic Peanut Butter on Vans Whole Grain Waffles.


Later tonight, a group of us are heading to Baltimore to my favorite restaurant (Blue Hill Tavern) for Baltimore Restaurant Week.

Tomorrow morning, Bangkok Bound. Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Thailand Bound”

  1. Have fun in Thailand! That is SO COOL!
    And I’m going somewhere for Baltimore Restaurant week too. I don’t know where yet but that place is on my list at some point 🙂

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