My Week in Photos: Bangkok

Last week I was in Thailand for work and was able to enjoy some of the sites when I wasn’t working or trying to adjust to the time (12 hours difference!). I stayed in a beautiful, 5 star hotel with complimentary access to the 21st story lounge (free food and drinks throughout the day), a gorgeous pool, and an amazing shower. Below is my week, in photos.

photo 1-10

photo 2-17


Chinese New Year Decorations

IMG_3475 IMG_3498 IMG_3476 IMG_3509

Our ride to the Grand Palace

IMG_3516 IMG_3523 IMG_3521

photo 3-11

Grand Palace

photo 2-18

Grand Palace

photo 1-11

Grand Palace

What you have to wear if you don't dress appropriately at the Palace

What you have to wear if you don’t dress appropriately at the Palace

Monday through Wednesday were primarily work days with some time afterwards for dinner and souvenir shopping. Thursday we were able to take the sky train to the water and then take a water taxi to the Grand Palace. The other hours of the trip were spent adjusting to the time change (aka sleeping) and I was able to get some workouts in during the morning hours I couldn’t sleep.

Now it is time to check Thailand off my bucket list!

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2 Responses to My Week in Photos: Bangkok

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Oh man you’re living the high life. That hotel looks so nice!! That pool looks insane!

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