Weekly Workout Wrap Up (2/18-2/24)


Monday 2/18

  • Out of the Box WOD
photo 1-13

Photo and Workout courtesy of www.blondeponytail.com

  • Elliptical Trainer- 10 minutes
  • Bike- 5 minutes

Tuesday 2/19

  • CrossFit WOD

photo 2-20

Wednesday 2/20

  • Treadmill Intervals: 5 min warm up, (1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 min intervals with equal rest), 5 min cool down. Speedy intervals were run at a pace between 7:47 and 8:00 and rest intervals were run at a pace of 9:13.

photo 4-6

Thursday 2/21

  • CrossFit WOD

photo 5-4

Friday 2/22

  • CrossFit WOD


Saturday 2/23

  • CrossFit WOD


Sunday 2/24

  • Rest Day

I definitely did a lot of CrossFit this week and I felt great and strong. What I once thought would be an interim sport to running while I healed, I am now beyond in love with this sport. I can be in love with both, right?

Weekly Miles: 8.08
Yearly Miles: 38.48
Weekly Minutes: 336 (28 more minutes than last week)

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2 Responses to Weekly Workout Wrap Up (2/18-2/24)

  1. kelsierakay says:

    I love your blog! I started mine about 2 months ago based on my goal of running a thousand miles this year.

    Hope you check it out!

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