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Top 5 Tuesday (CrossFit Essentials)

Top 5 Tuesday… on Wednesday. I really need to just title this post “Top 5 Wednesday every few weeks” because I am really sucking at getting this post up. Tuesday comes and goes way too fast! Today’s post is about CrossFit essentials from a newbie. Over the past few months I have realized some accessories that I believe are essential or pretty damn close to necessary. This is my opinion and what I think is essential for me. Everyone is different so you may not totally agree or for that matter, you may not even care. If not, too bad.

  • Gloves- Since starting CrossFit, my hands have taken a beaten due to the constant use of bars for weighted exercises and pullups. I remember a twitter chat awhile back that the company FitFour was participating in. They make gloves that are supposed to feel like a second skin and where you only have to cover the parts that really chafe.. like under your four fingers excluding your thumb. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and LOVE them. They make all different sizes and their website has measurements for each size so you know what will fit you best. They are comfy and feel like they are barely there.
Photo courtesy of FitFour’s website
  • Resistance Band– Not the one with the handle, but the closed band to use for assistance in pullups. I bought a resistance band so when I am not at the box, I can attach it to any pullup bar and practice my pullups. I hope to get 10 strict pullups without a band by the end of 2013! Practice makes perfect. There are different size resistance bands depending on how little or how much resistance you need.


  • Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball– These are absolutely essential for any athlete, not just CrossFitters. Especially people like me who are injury prone. I foam roll every night after I work out (and try to on rest days too) and I use the lacrosse ball when I have a specific small areas that ache (like that darn knot in my lower back from deadlifts).


  • Kettlebells– Most gyms are now equipped with kettlebells and a lot of gyms also have kettlebell classes. At CF, we perform a WOD (workout of the day) at least once a week that uses kettlebells. They can be used for swings and deadlifts. You are in for a rude awakening the day after a kettlebell workout! Depending on the weight, kettlebells can get up there in price but are well worth it when working out at home.
  • Jump rope- One of the exercises we try to work on at CrossFit is double unders. This is jumping rope but getting the rope under you twice for every jump. This is more technical than I am describing it but that is the best way I can describe it to people who don’t know what they are. Double unders are hard! I was lucky enough to get a really expensive, light jump rope from one of the guys who bought one that was too short for him. It is very easy to practice when I am not at the box since a jump rope doesn’t take much space and I can bring it almost everywhere. Check out the YouTube video below shared by Zensah. They posted a great tutorial on how to perform double unders.

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