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Weekly Workout Wrap Up (3/11-3/17)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day. According to my mom, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day so today I indulged in beer and corned beef, after my run of course!!

Monday 3/11

  • Treadmill Speed work (7.3 miles, 1:05:06, 8:55min/mi avg)
    • Pyramid intervals. 1 mile warm up, 400m (2min rest), 800m (2min rest), 1200m (2min rest), 1600m (2min rest), 1200m (2min rest), 800m (2min rest), 400m (2min rest), 1 mile cool down.
    • 400m pace- 7:03, 800m- 8:06, 1200m- 8:06, 1600m- 8:41

Tuesday 3/12

  • CrossFit WODphoto 1-15

Wednesday 3/13

  • Treadmill easy run (3.1 miles, 28:37, 9:13min/mi avg)

Thursday 3/14

  • Strength (Bench Press)
  • Treadmill speed work (5 miles, 42:21, 8:28min/mi avg)

photo 2-22

Friday 3/15

  • CrossFit WOD
photo 3-14
Working on my handstand hold

photo 4-8

Saturday 3/16

  • CrossFit WOD

photo 5-6

  • NTC Kara Goucher’s Pro Running Stretches- 15 minutes

Sunday 3/17

  • 10k training run (6.22 miles, 50:57, 8:12min/mi avg)


Observation: no rest day this week = FAIL. I am just getting back into running so I should focus on EASING back into a full fledged week of running and CrossFit. Whoops.

Weekly Miles: 21.62
Yearly Miles: 79.82
Weekly Minutes: 381 (71 more minutes than last week)


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