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Puppy Love (photo shoot)

Less words, more pictures. Yup, that’s what I thought. Yesterday, Tim’s (boyf) dad brought home two puppies that his is fostering until a permanent family is found. They are a border collie/lab mix and so adorable. The black one is named Jed and the brown one with the black face is Jerald. The older, very jealous dogs are Ewok (yellow lab) and Skeeter (chocolate lab). Enjoy!

photo 2(5)
Obviously I need a pedicure
photo 1(4)
Look at those eyes… in love!
photo 1(5)
Im a puppy bed
photo 3(3)
Ewok 🙂
photo 3(4)
photo 4(3)
kisses for Jed
photo 5(4)
Cute brothers
photo 5(3)
Playtime with Tim
photo 4(1)
Attention hog Skeeter needing some love!
photo 3(5)
Mr. Biceps with sleeping Jed
photo 1(2)
photo 1(3)
Im adopting Jed… look at him!
photo 2(2)
7 year old baby
photo 2(3)
Playing with a toy
photo 2(4)
Papa Doug with the pups
photo 3(2)
My man and Jerald
photo 4(2)
Smiles with Ewok


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