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Top 5 Tuesday: Mobility

I had this great post for last Tuesday and then it became Wednesday and I am sick of posting Top 5 Tuesday posts on Wednesday so I forced myself to wait until today to post about mobility and running.

One thing I have definitely learned this year in regard to my injuries and my new love of CrossFit, is the important of mobility exercises and stretching. I am not only forced daily by Teddy (my PT) to stretch and do my hip exercises but CrossFit Bel Air posts reminders to work on our mobility weekly. For some great articles and videos on mobility, check out Kelly Starrett’s CrossFit Mobility WOD website. Kelly Starrett is a avid CrossFitter and Physical Therapist. Anyway, I swear this isn’t a post about my love for CrossFit. Today, I am going to tell you my favorite and best exercises and stretches for hip and knee mobility. What I have also learned is that most knee problems aren’t due to knee issues, they are due to weak and tight hips. Since it is really hard to explain stretches, I am going to try to provide really good pictures a la google images.

  • IT Band Stretch– Use a resistance band. You will feel a stretch in the hip/butt area of the leg that is extended across your body. Hold for 30 seconds on each side. Repeat 2x.

  • Side Leg Lifts– 3 sets of 20 per leg. If you lay on your bed or couch, try to let the leg fall lower than neutral. This will burn baby burn.

  • Pigeon Pose (Stretches your hips and IT band)- Hold for 30 seconds on each leg. Repeat 2x.

  • Resistance Band Walks (the tighter the band, the better)- 10 steps one way and 10 steps back to complete one set. Do a total of 3-5 sets. Make sure to squat down and not just walk.

  • Pretzel Stretch– 30 seconds on each side for 1 set. Do 3 sets.


Now do these every day and foam roll after. Ice after the foam roll if you have any pain or past issues of knee or hip problems. I swear you will feel like a new person (and hopefully have an injury free future) after just a few weeks.

Stay tuned next week for another Top 5 Tuesday!


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