Friday Fun

You can thank Picky Runner for today’s Fun Friday post. She is obviously just as enthusiastic about surveys as I am. Since I am “patiently” waiting for early release from work for Easter, I thought I would share this survey with you. Feel free to answer in the comments, post your own survey, or ignore it. Up to you!

a: age – 27 1/2

b: bed size – I have a full which I have become comfortable with but I am usually excited when I get to stay in Tim’s queen. I feel like the full isn’t long enough for me and my 4 pillows.

c: chore you dislike – I can clean dishes all day long but ask me to unload the dishwasher and I’ll have a hissy fit. I don’t understand why I hate this chore so much since they are actually clean dishes but I HATE IT.

d: dogs – This is currently a sore subject. I want a puppy so bad but can’t have pets where I am living. I want to adopt Jerald, one of the puppies my boyfriend’s dad is fostering and it makes me really upset that I can’t. If you havent seen my puppy post, you HAVE to go check it out, NOW.

photo 1(5)

e: essential to your day – a protein bar of some sort. Lately, I have had some sort of CLIF or Larabar every day. I actually look forward to this post workout snack. Yes, seriously.

f: favorite color – GREEN

g: gold or silver – Silver.

h: height – 5’5″

i: interesting fact – I lived in Greece for 3 years from the age of 5 to 8

j: job title – Logistics Management Specialist, boring!

k: kids – Don’t have any, want 2 in the future.

l: live – I currently live in Northern Maryland but I am from the amazing and strong Jersey Shore!

m: mom’s name – Lauri, or momma dukes

n: nicknames – Rits, Ritsa Pizza, Ridiculous Ritsa (according to my friend Amy’s phone)

o: overnight hospital stays – I had pneumonia when I was 7 and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. It was scary, not that I remember.

p: pet peeves – Nails on a chalkboard, silverware scraping each other.. i can’t stand that sound. Water all over the sink (and not wiping it off, TIM). 

q: quote from a movie – Tim usually quotes Will Ferrell movies on a daily basis so those usually get stuck in my head.

r: righty or lefty – righty

s: sibling – Two sisters, Ali and Joanna. Yep, somehow I am the only one with the weird name

t: time you wake up – 6-615 during the week and 830-9 on the weekends

u: underwear – What about it?

v: vegetables you don’t like – I like all vegetables to tell you the truth.

w: what makes you run late – Not being able to find clothes to wear. Almost all the time.

x: xrays you’ve had – Knee, shins, ear, teeth, chest

y: yummy food you make Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coconut Chewies

photo 3(35)

z: zoo animal favorite – Hmm… I don’t really know. Maybe a lion. They are the king of the jungle, ya know? 

If you decide to repost this on your blog (if you blog, that is)  please comment with a link to your blog post so I can check out your answers!



3 thoughts on “Friday Fun”

  1. Aww thanks for the shoutout girl!! SO cool that you lived in Greece for a few years!! I might have to make those cookies for dessert 🙂

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