Mobility, Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday (4/8)


Last week’s Mobility Monday focused on hamstrings. This week I’d like to just mention some of the products I believe help complement stretching and mobility exercises, as well as, prevent injuries and focus on recovering faster.

  • Compression Socks– I’ve said it before (Top 5 Tuesday Gear post) and I’ll say it again, ProCompression socks!! You may see many runners wearing these during workouts and runs but compression socks also help for after your run to promote blood flow, circulation, and a speedy recovery. Just ask Ashley.. she sleeps in them!


  • Foam Roller– If you can’t afford a massage every day you can resort to the next best thing, a foam roller. My hurt so good activity! After every run and workout (ok, ALMOST every run/workout) I try to foam roll my entire lower body (calves, hamstrings, it band, quads, those little pockets by hips, etc) and sometimes i will also foam roll my bad and upper body. Foam rolling should be an essential part of a runner’s life, at least in my opinion.
  • Lacrosse Ball– For those little knots that a foam roller can’t get, a lacrosse ball can. Watch out, this hurts more than the foam roller. I thought it was impossible for something to hurt more than a foam roller, too!


  • Resistance Band- I know I am repeating a lot of what I have said in previous posts but it needs to be repeated often. A resistance band can be found anywhere (steal one from a PT’s office) such as Dick’s, Target, etc. and is really helpful when you are stretching after your run/workout like you usually do, right? The one I use is a very light, flimsy band that my physical therapist gave me but it definitely helps with my IT band stretch and other stretches, of course. The one below can be found online at Amazon

  • Ice Pack– Last but not least! This can be an ice pack you buy from Walmart for $20 or less, a fancy one from Road Runner Sports or other specialty store, or even a pack of frozen veggies. I don’t care what you use but if you have any aches or pains, make sure you stretch, foam roll, and ice!!

If you missed last week’s  or any other Mobility Monday post, you can find them here.


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