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Mobility Monday (Link Love)


If you work out (or run a lot, in my case), I am sure there are times you feel something off in your body and google every possibility it may be and always expecting the worst. Training for half marathons and doing CrossFit on almost a daily basis, I feel my share of aches and pains always wondering if this mild ache will evolve into the worst of the worst.

This week’s Monday Mobility is a round up of some of the links I use to both sort of kind of somewhat diagnose any aches and pains (no, I am not a doctor) and also stretching techniques and strengthening exercises to help relieve these nuisances.

Best for diagnosing aches and pains

Runner’s World Where do you hurt

Common Injuries

Injury & Recovery Hubs

Runner’s World Health & Injury Injury Prevention

Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD

Stretching  & Foam Rolling 

Runner’s World Stretching

Bodybuilding Stretching Exercises Stretching for Runners

Foam Rolling Techniques

Mobility WOD’s Hip Extension

If you aren’t injured, I recommend just looking at these sites or bookmarking this post for the future. This is not just for the injured. Stretching and foam rolling are necessary to improve flexibility and prevent injury!


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