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Long Branch Half Marathon Race Recap

Last Sunday I decided I wanted to redeem myself by running the Long Branch Half Marathon. Although I PR’ed at the Nike Women Half Marathon in DC last week, I had a terrible race and knew I could do better (Check out my Nike Women Half Marathon Race Recap for a refresher).

Jen was unable to run and so kindly let me run in her place since this was a last minute decision for me to run this race. I had run it last year but since I was running Nike the week before I didn’t think it was smart to run 2 half marathons a week apart. Did I mention when I signed up for Nike I was injured? So yeah… it was a good idea not to sign up for 2 half marathons back to back when I was unsure of my recovery.

Due to my issues the week before, I was VERY nervous race morning. And it did not help that my wake up call was at 430am! Who makes decisions to have a 645am start? It was freeeeeeezing! Ashley, Shelley (Ashley’s sister), and I headed to the race at 530 to get up there in time to park and pee.

pre-race photo sesh.. thanks marathon foot
pre-race photo sesh.. thanks marathon foot

I made a game time decision to wear a long sleeve shirt and it was the best decision of the day! My worst decision? Taking my time to go to the portapotty. The line was too long and the race was about to start so I had to run the entire 13.1 miles while having to pee.

This means: no water stops. Yup, I did not stop for water once! This actually helped my pace since I didn’t have to slow down for water (I am the worst and running while trying to drink out of a cup) and then speed up to keep on pace.

I don’t have much to say about the course. It is mainly residential except for the last few miles the run through the “downtown” of Long Branch and then head up to the boardwalk. The course is very flat and fast. The weather wasn’t so good (45, cloudy, and windy) and the last mile along the beach didn’t help shelter me from the large gusts of wind.

The crowds were great and I was happy to see Kara and Danielle along the way.

And because I don’t have too much to say about this race.. here are some pictures to occupy you! 🙂

photo 5
home stretch
photo 3
PR? I believe so!
photo 2
photo 1-20
Run, restore, rebuild.

I felt great this race. I do remember thinking to myself.. “so this is what a normal race is supposed to feel like?” No stomach issues, no cramps, no knee pain! I am still shocked by my finish time. I PR’ed by 9 minutes from the week before and 12 minutes from my PR at this same race last year. Below are my splits:

Mile 1- 8:28
Mile 2- 8:01
Mile 3- 8:02
Mile 4- 7:53
Mile 5- 7:58
MIle 6- 7:57
MIle 7- 7:45
Mile 8- 7:46
Mile 9- 7:57
Mile 10- 7:50
Mile 11- 7:53
Mile 12- 7:48
Mile 13- 7:34
.1- 7:05

13.1 miles- 1:44:12 PR!!!!

photo 1-22

Afterwards, we walked back to Kara’s car and got a ride to the start to fetch Shelley’s car. Ashley planned to run with a friend who was running the full marathon so after we dropped her off at Mile 16 of the full course, Shelley and I rushed to a local pizza joint to pick up 2 XL pies to eat in the car. I may or may not have finished 7 slices that day. But you will never know!

Pete & Elda's. All for me, none for you.
Pete & Elda’s. All for me, none for you.

After a much needed nap and another delicious lunch at Surf Taco (we had to celebrate Cinco de Mayo somehow), I headed back to MD to be surprised with cupcakes by the boyf. He obviously knows me too well!

photo 2-28

photo 1-21
Best boyfriend ever? I think so.


Who else raced this past weekend? How did you do?


16 thoughts on “Long Branch Half Marathon Race Recap”

    1. Thanks! I was surprised by my time! As for the water, I don’t drink much to begin with so that’s probably why. I tried to make sure I drank A LOT the day before.

  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely picture perfect race day 🙂 love it when that happens! Seriously impressed you ran the whole thing without a sip of water. No matter how much I hydrate in the days leading up to the race, I still run with or stop for water.

    Congrats on the big PR, speedy girl! I see many more in your future 🙂 speedwork is obviously paying off!

  2. So good to see you!! Sorry I didn’t recognize you at first on the course, haha. I love this recap and the pictures…you look so happy! You’re awesome…glad to hear you had such a good race with no pain!! Congrats!

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