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What healthy means to me

On Sunday’s post about National Women’s Health Week, I mentioned the idea of creating example boards to show how and what each individual does to stay healthy and fit. Michelle had some great ideas and today is my day to show you what my board looks like. I know I was supposed to post mine a few days ago but I was away for work and couldn’t find the time!


Clockwise from top left:

1) I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so finding healthy “desserts” is a MUST have for me since I seem to always need something sweet after every meal. I was browsing the ice cream aisle at Wegmans a couple of months ago and came across this great find, Dole Banana dippers. They are frozen chocolate covered banana bites. Yum!!!

2) CrossFit (I started in January) has changed my body in the last few months. I can’t believe how much stronger I am and how much more muscle definition I have. I also this the endurance workouts we do (fast paced with little to no rest) helped keep me in shape when I was injured and not running. When I returned to running, I not only didnt lose the faster paces I had trained up to but I was FASTER!

3) Chobani is my favorite mid morning snack. Although high in sugar (most fruit is), it is a great snack packed with protein!

4) This picture is supposed to reflect the fact that I run. Running keeps me in shape and is one of my passions! It also helps clear my mind and running on beautiful days makes me extra happy!

Now it’s your turn. Send me your example boards or post in the comments how you like to stay healthy and fit. I will randomly select a winner on Sunday who will win an assorted case of Chobani!! No takers? I don’t mind keeping it for myself. Now’s your chance!!! or its all mine (cue evil laugh).

To learn more about National Women’s Health Week, check out the Department of Health and Human Services’ website here



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