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Mobility Monday (Foam Rolling)


This week’s Mobility post is about foam rolling. Foam rolling can help any athlete, whether you are a runner, CrossFitter, regular gym goer, etc. Regardless of the type of working out you participate in, I am going to make the assumption that most of you have been sore once or twice in your life. Although foam rolling doesn’t prevent soreness altogether, it does aid in recovering faster. It helps relieve muscle tension and prevent injury. Below are some of the essential foam rolling techniques I try to do daily. These are NOT supposed to feel good. If they do, then you either aren’t doing them correctly or you have a body that has no knots or tight spots and I envy you!

Yes, i like to use this picture A LOT

I try to perform each exercises for about 1 minute each.

Spine and Back Mobility


Lie on your foam roller and cross your arms on your chest. Roll up and down the foam roller to massage your upper and lower back.

IT Band


My arch nemesis. Lie on either side and cross opposite leg in front for stability. Roll up and down the outer side of your leg from the hip to the knee. 1 minute on each leg.



Lie facedown with quads on the foam roller. Roll up and down the front of your legs from hips to your knees.



Sit on the foam roller with your hands propped behind you for stability. Roll back and forth over your hamstrings to your knees.



Prop right calf on the foam roller and cross the other on top of right calf. Place hands behind you for stability. Roll back and forth from the back of the knee to the ankle. Then, switch legs.



Sit on the foam roller and cross right leg over the left leg’s thigh. Roll back and forth over glutes. Next, lean to the right and roll back and forth. These rolls will be very short and hit a little pocket in your hip. Switch legs.



This move helps with any exercises that have a pulling movement, like pullups. Lie with your back on the foam roller and placed parallel to your arm pits. Lean into right arm pit with right arm extended over head. Use your left arm for balance in front of you. Roll up and down (and side to side) behind your arm pit. Switch sides.

These exercises are very beneficial and shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes a night. I’ll choose 10 minutes a night over being injured for 6 months any day!! Right!?

If you have any questions about the exercises, feel free to email me! Or comment below.

What are your favorite foam rolling techniques? Have I missed any other essential ones?

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4 thoughts on “Mobility Monday (Foam Rolling)”

  1. IT Band pretty much makes me want to cry every time, but worth it. Definitely agree with the “hurt so good” feeling!

    My calves are basically hard as rocks all the time so I use the Stick instead of the foam roller because you can target the area much better/easier. And it takes up less room in a suitcase for destination races!

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