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Friday Fun: Summertime

I loveee surveys, blah, blah, you’ve heard that again and again. Before I head down to Annapolis today for the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon (tomorrow morning), I will leave you with a survey about summer! Because, it is here! 90 and sunny today!!

Thanks Sarah for the great survey!

Describe your perfect summer day.
Laying on the jersey shore with a bunch of magazines, books, and some friends and family (Tim, you can come too) on a beautifully, sunny day without a cloud in the sky!

Summer 2012

Favorite BBQ food.
Cheeseburgers! And a refreshing beer to go with it!

Favorite article of clothing to wear in the summer.
A bathing suit and sun dress. Or shorts and a cute tank!

I was trying to find a picture of my favorite summer outfit but I got distracted by puppies.


What color is your favorite swimsuit?

Please see picture for visual answer.

No, i am not picking my butt!
No, i am not picking my butt!


Ice cream or popsicles?

Ice cream! Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles on a wafer cone!


Which is better: 85 degree weather or 65 degree weather?

85!! Bring on the heat and the beach! But if I am running, I would prefer the 65 degree weather.

Pick one: A day spent hiking or a day spent on the beach?

Beach.. do you see a trend here?

Current favorite song of summer?

Florida Georgia Line’s Get your shine on.

Favorite summer workout.

Summer 5ks!

Baseball games or music festivals?

I don’t really do either that often. How about a local band at a local bar?

Favorite month of summer.

July! 4th of July and my birthday!

Best summer memory.

Last summer was a pretty good summer. Lots of trips up to the beach, rooftop crab eating in Baltimore, and weddings!



Now, its your turn! Post on your blog or leave some of your answers in the comments. Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!



3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Summertime”

  1. LOVE your bathing suit! And your answer for ice cream. You can’t get it without sprinkles. No way. Oh, and also I literally took an identical picture of the beach. I should have just stolen it from your post instead of going to the trouble of taking one myself! I did a double take haha

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