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Mobility Monday (Take that piriformis!)

Sunday morning my roommate Jen and I got up early to run the Bel Air Town Run 5k. A quick background on my roommates: At one point, all 3 of us were going to the same Physical Therapy for different injuries. Jen, has since graduated from PT, but still suffers from sciatic nerve and piriformis pain. She was nervous about feeling pain during the 5k on Sunday but actually did really well and finished within her time goal of 27 minutes!

photo 5-1

Jen is the inspiration behind today’s Mobility Monday post. She was nice enough to model some of the stretches she does on a daily basis to keep the piriformis pain away. For those of you who don’t know much about the piriformis, the piriformis muscle is a muscle in the gluteal area that is situated within the pelvis and the back of the hip joint. Weak hips can cause piriformis pain.

Most of the exercises below help open up the hip and also help relieve piriformis muscle pain. Each stretch should be held for 30 seconds (on each side, where applicable). Do 2-3 sets.

  • Lying Piriformis Stretch– Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Cross one foot over the other with the ankle resting on the opposite knee. Lift the foot that is on the floor towards your chest.

photo 4-13

  • Cobra Stretch– Lay on your stomach and position your hands on either side as if you were to do a push up. Lift upper body off the floor and straighten arms. Keep you legs and hips flat on the mat.

photo 2-29

  • Pigeon pose– Because I cannot figure out a way to describe the pigeon pose, I am going to let give you instructions. Their instructions are easily understood.

photo 3-20

  • Cow Face pose– I can’t make these names up! Below is the cow face pose, minus the hands position. In a seated position, cross and stack legs over each other. Hold.
photo 1-24
Happy Jen!

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6 thoughts on “Mobility Monday (Take that piriformis!)”

  1. I think the pigeon pose is quite possibly the best stretch in the world. I look forward to it throughout every yoga class, haha!

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