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ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon

Last friday, Tim and I took off work and drove the hour southeast to Annapolis. I was signed up for the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series Half Marathon and since we had never been to Annapolis together, I forced Tim to come along!

photo 1(55)
Pick me up, Tim. I’m ready!

We didn’t hit any traffic (WHAT!?) and checked into the Doubletree by Hilton hotel. After a brief lounge by the pool, we showered and drove to the Loews Annapolis hotel to  pick up my packet and checkout the expo.

Packet pickup was a breeze but I am a little upset that we were forced to pay for parking for less than half an hour. I scored a new pair of Mizunos before we took advantage of the parking and walked around downtown Annapolis. It was a gorgeous night and we wanted to eat by the water. We ended up at Pusser’s Caribbean Grill.

photo 4(37)
so pretty
photo 1(56)
Time for a margarita. I’m carbing up, right?
photo 2(54)
Caribbean jerk chicken quesadilla
photo 3(45)
The usual crab cakes.
photo 4(38)
photo 5(29)
We drove the viper down 😉

photo 3(44) photo 5(28)

After dinner, we stopped for some ice cream then went back to the hotel so I could get some sleep before the race.

I woke up around 530 and got ready really quick and quiet. I even tried a new race hair do!


photo 1(58)

The race started at 7am and we were told to get to the Navy Marine Corps Stadium by 6am to avoid any traffic delays. Traffic was minimal (which is a major plus!) and the best part was that there were barely any lines for the porta potties either!!! SCORE!

photo 2(57) photo 3(48)

I hung out for a little bit downloading new songs and stretching before the race began. It was a small race and I was able to start near the front of the pack.

photo 2(55)
Let’s get this thing started!
photo 1(57)
Look ma, no watch!

I decided that since I PR‘ed a few weeks earlier and signed up for ZOOMA while still on a PR high, I was going to run this race without a GPS watch or app. I was going to run based on how I felt. I know, right? It was starting to get hot and I was nervous that I already felt comfortable in a tank top and it was 630am! Uh oh.

At 7am on the dot, we were off. I started out a little too fast and made sure I slowed down. By mile 1, i was sweating. By mile 5, I was walking. This course was hilly and challenging in the 80+ degree weather. I think I may have walked more than in the Nike Women Half Marathon 2 months earlier.

I FINALLY made it to the finish in just over 1 hour and 50 minutes. According to the results, my official time was 1:50:13. A few days later, ZOOMA informed the runners that there was a fault in the course and all 10k and half marathon runners missed .25 of the course. Oh crap. Since I wasn’t trying to PR, this wasn’t a big deal to me but I can understand the frustration of the runners that were there to either PR or run their first race at that distance. ZOOMA was incredibly supportive and even offered a discount on future ZOOMA races. Mistakes happen. I get it.

After grabbing some water, I picked up my race swag (Yoga mat, water bottle, and necklace) and went to lie down on some grass. I was pooped. I did manage to grab the boxed food (choice of hummus or chicken salad) and take some pictures.

photo 3(46)
I am pretty sure these people are glad they are in this photo! Little did that guy know he was modeling the yoga mat for me. Not, not really.
photo 4(39)
photo 5(30)
Me in front of the stadium

  I only hung out for a little while, since I was alone, and then drove back to the hotel (no traffic!) and met Tim for breakfast. Then we suited up and took advantage of the sun!

photo 2(56)
Hey hot stuff. You single?

No, hes not single. He dates "this"
No, hes not single. He dates “this”

After some poolside lounging sweating, we headed back up north. See ya Annapolis.

Overall, I liked the ZOOMA Annapolis Race. The course, although challenging, had some pretty views and nice shade. The expo was small but did what it was supposed to and the race was held in a beautiful area with lots to do when you weren’t running. I would definitely run this race again. Maybe next year!

Some official race photos…

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6 thoughts on “ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon”

  1. I would love to run this. Annapolis is one of my favorite cities, mostly because it’s on the water and it’s just so pretty there. Now that i know they give out yoga mats and necklaces, I really need to run it. I would have been angry if the course was short and I was trying to PR, but it sounds like your race went a lot like mine did a few weeks ago in Boston where I ended up walking starting around mile 5 on and off. I’m glad you had a great weekend overall 🙂

  2. I think I have decided that half-marathons in the summer are the worst. I did one last week and WOW! That was painful! I had to stop and walk around mile 10. I much prefer to do my halfs during the spring or fall! You got some sweet race swag too! That’s awesome! All the races I have done you get a shirt and a medal!

    1. I agree about long distance races in the fall and spring. I was on a PR high and spontaneously signed up. Ill give myself time to think it over next time!

  3. I ran the 10k this year and last. Last year was MUCH cooler. It’s a beautiful and challenging race. Congrats on completing the half!

  4. I almost signed up for this one last minute but I decided not to. I’m kind of glad I did since I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. Maybe next year though!

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