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Anthem Richmond Marathon 2013

Last week, I officially registered for my “first” marathon. If anyone remembers last year, I had to drop down to the half marathon in Philly due to injuries. This year (hopefully) I will be running the Richmond Marathon on November 16th!


I have my marathon training plan all ready for me to begin on July 1st. The first 4 weeks of my training plan will be “warm up” training and the real shiznit begins on July 29th just in time for my 28th birthday. Woof!

I heard great things about the Richmond Marathon. One being “The Friendliest Marathon.” Who wouldn’t want to run the friendliest marathon? Nothing makes me happier than cheery people in the morning. Seriously. Like the way the Starbucks baristas welcome me at 7am every morning! I am not being sarcastic.

One of the other reasons I chose this marathon was after reading Dori’s Richmond experience there after graciously dropping out of the NYCM the week before. Check out her review. I bet I’ll see you in Richmond in November after you read it.

I am ready to lace up my Mizuno‘s and run my first marathon. This year I hope that with everything I have learned over the last several months, I will be able to train injury free and show up at the start of the MARATHON and not the half marathon. Wish me luck!

Are you running Richmond this year?? Let me know!!


10 thoughts on “Anthem Richmond Marathon 2013”

  1. Ahhhh this is so exciting! I hope your training goes well so you can ROCK Richmond! Staying injury free is always the ultimate goal. Otherwise you’ll end up out for extended periods of time and that blows.

  2. Yay! Richmond! I’m running it as well (which I think I already said while excitedly nudging you to pick this one in your last marathon post). I’m excited to know someone else in the blog community I can follow working toward the same race 🙂 Did you make your own training plan or use one in particular? Good luck!

    1. It will be my second marathon. My first one I was just trying to run the whole way and finish. I used a beginner Hal Higdon plan which was good for just slowly and safely building mileage. This time I am aiming for a time goal and I have been struggling to find one that I like that incorporates speedwork to get my pace on track.

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