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CrossFit Buddy WOD and BBQ

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I was away for work and was entirely way too busy while I was down south in Huntsville, Alabama, y’all. I wanted to share with you the BBQ that we had to welcome home our box owner Don after he finally came back from Afghanistan and retired from the Army. He has been gone for about a year and we’re all very excited to have him back. Last Saturday, our box put together a buddy workout that preceded an all day eating and drinking fest. Work out and then pig out is what I like to call it.

Around 100 people (or so it seemed) showed up throughout the day and worked out, hung out, drank, and just had fun. The events began at 10 and continued all day. The workout was an “awful” one that was split up however you wanted with a buddy. Each buddy had to do at least one of the 100 reps of each exercise. Which means I could do 1 rep and my buddy could do the remaining 99. We obviously tried to split it up more evenly than that but you get the point. Also, only one buddy is working out at a time. So I would do, say, 20 pushups and when I was done, my buddy would jump in and do as many as she can. We would keep alternating until we hit 100. This helped a lot by giving us some rest in between to catch our breath.


The workout took anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the team. I was in the 3rd heat so I hung out, took pictures, and cheered everyone on until I went around noon. Did I mention I also munched on all the food while waiting? That definitely was not wise to do before my workout.

Buddy carry


Push up station


Pull up station

I teamed up with Steph for the buddy WOD and we were itching to go by the time our heat started. One of the girls, Cassandra, was taking a lot of pictures of the whole event. She managed to get a few good ones of me.

I think I was just trying to breathe in this picture
Box jumps. My fave! Seriously.
More kettlebell swings

This was a HARD WOD. The buddy carry at the beginning and end was extremely hard. I ended up carrying Steph for 50m of each 200m (one at the beginning of the WOD and one at the end) and she carried me the remaining 150m. She killed it! It ended up taking us about 30 minutes.


I went straight for the food afterwards. There was fruit, veggies, chicken fajita roll ups, BBQ chicken, marinated steak, cookies (I made my “famous” Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coconut Chewies), chips, and CUPCAKES.



I hung out until around 3 and then headed home to shower and go see the boyf. Saturdays are one of my favorite days at the box. The WODs are always longer and some of them are team WODs. Everyone always see more excited to work out on a beautiful Saturday morning! And last Saturday was definitely beautiful.


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