Stubborn Runner

For the past few months I have been injury free and on cloud 9. I have been able to run whenever I want and however far I want without any inconvenient pain. And then Saturday happened. I was a little sore Saturday morning before my 5k but I blamed the soreness on CrossFit the day before. I ran the 5k without any pain and later on decided to run an easy 2.5 miles with Tim. That is when the pain started.

I have been having IT band pain since Saturday. Uggghhhh. The frustration! I decided not to work out on Sunday and give my legs a rest. Yesterday I went to CrossFit but didn’t have any IT band pain during the workout. But my IT band feels very tight and aches when I walk again today. Although today is speed work day I decided to finally rid myself of my stubbornness and take today off. WHAT!? No, speed work? Yup, you heard me right. Rest is my remedy right now. With marathon training right around the corner (seriously, I am scheduled to start next Monday), I need to be in tip top shape.

I am a stubborn person. In running and in life. Last year it got me sidelined for 4 months. I am not letting it ruin yet another “first” marathon experience. I am going to instead strengthen my legs today. And stretch, stretch, stretch. I even brought my foam roller to work and have been rolling in my cubicle. No lie.

Starbucks-check! Lunch-check! Foam roller- check!
Starbucks-check! Lunch-check! Foam roller- check!

Depending on my IT band, I may take the rest of the week off and hope that a week of no running will cure me. I can only hope!


8 thoughts on “Stubborn Runner”

  1. Fingers crossed for you! So far I’ve been lucky with the IT band. My lower back on the other hand…not so much.
    My marathon training starts next week too and I’m desperately trying to get this muscle to relax fully, heal and stop aching. I’m going to the gym today instead of running (partly because of the back and partly because I didn’t get up to do it before it got wicked hot) and am planning bike time and strength training. Oh and lots of stretching.

  2. Oh no the IT band is the pits. Stay positive and give running some rest. Try hot yoga, it might help loosen things up a bit for you. Get better soon! I wish I could bring my foam roller to work but I’m positive I couldn’t get through my commute with it.

    1. Poor thing, the yoga near my house does I day a week sessions for 6$ otherwise it would be too expensive for a membership. Solution then is ice and foam roller for sure!

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