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Top 5 Tuesday: 4th of July Treats

I know I haven’t written a Top 5 post in awhile but instead of thinking up a list each week (some that may be dull and spur of the moment just to get a post in), I decided I would write them when I actually think of a good idea. Just in time for the holiday to celebrate America, I have a list of the top 5 treats I would want to eat at a 4th of July BBQ.

Every night before bed I tend to check Pinterest for some really great ideas that I pin and most likely never look at again. For example, all the cool kitchens I pin that I am sure I will never be able to afford. Sigh. Anyway, I have seen some great pins for 4th of July treats. Below are a list of treats I have either seen posted/pinned or some that I have ACTUALLY made/tried. Enjoy! And happy holidays!

  • 4th of July Berry Trifle


1 pg. Angel Food Cake

1 pg. Strawberries

1pg. Raspberries

1 pg. Blueberries

2 kiwis

2 pgs. Cool Whip

Bake angel food cake according to package. Layer trifle bowl with angel food cake, berries, and cool whip. Repeat. Yummy and sort of healthy!

  • Berry Caprese Bruschetta

Found on Pinterest, posted on Home is Where the Boat is.

  • Patriotic Fruit Kabobs

Marshmallows, blueberries, and strawberries. Easy and yummy! Pinned on Pinterest by Giggle Galore.

  • Hot off the Grill Cupcakes

Found on Life’s a Batch Blog. How cute are these!?

  • Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coconut Chewies

Although these are not 4th of July BBQ themed, these have been a hit everywhere I bring them! I have a whole post on these cookies with pictures and the recipe.

Happy 4th of July! What are your favorite BBQ treats?


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