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Don’t slam your knee in your car door

Especially if you have a history of knee problems.

Five weeks ago, yes FIVE, I accidentally slammed my knee in my car door when I was getting out to go to Starbucks for my morning coffee. It hurt like HELL. I didn’t think twice about it though after the first few limps into Starbucks. I also ignored the bruise and bump that showed up for the next week. 

Besides the visible bruise, I didn’t have any other symptoms. My runs were still going on as planned and going really well as a matter of fact. The following weekend (8 days later) I ran a 5k (in which I placed 1st in my AG!) and afterwards felt tightness in my quad and IT band. I blamed the soreness on my heavy lifting at CrossFit that week. With marathon training beginning a week later, I decided to give my legs a week off to freshen them up. 

Tragedy struck when my leg/knee/IT band/quad/all of the above did not feel better the following week. Now, this is 2 weeks after my knee “accident”. Since I built in an extra 4 weeks into my marathon training (because I know I am SO injury prone), I didn’t let the 2nd week of rest from running bother me. Instead I focused on CrossFit.

It DID start to bother me going into the FOURTH week of constant pain. A pain that hurt every time my right knee hit the ground just to walk, let alone run. I finally decided to get it checked out and was able to get in with the sports medicine doctor last Wednesday. My X-rays came back clear and I was prescribed anti-inflammatories and wait for it…PHYSICAL THERAPY.  Noooooooo. Didn’t I just graduate from PT?

Less than 2 months ago 😦
photo 2(39)
Back to this?

The doctor also informed me that I most likely had a bone bruise that could have messed up my IT band during the “accident.” He also decided it would be wise to tell me that he has seen bone bruises take up to 3 months to heal. So long Richmond Marathon?

Right after my appointment, I marched into CrossFit and increased my membership. If I wash’t going to be running, I sure as hell was going to be CrossFitting. I went 5 days last week!

Yesterday I made my first appointment at Physical Therapy. The receptionist remembered me. FAIL. Yesterday, I also decided to warm up before the CrossFit WOD with a 1 mile run. I never said I was the smartest athlete. But….again, wait for it, I had NO PAIN

Today, I ran again. NO PAIN. Have I healed? I am not sure. I will go to PT on Friday just in case but I am crossing my fingers. Sorry for the rambling but the whole point of my story is to watch your legs when you close your door. Any door. 


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