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Would You Rather? Running Survey

It’s Survey Friday! I found this survey on Olive To Run‘s blog and thought I’d share my answers today. And you should too! Its a fun one!

Would you rather…

Do a tempo run or hill repeats?

Hill repeats for sure. I like running on hills because it makes my legs stronger and it doesn’t hurt to train on hills when you have a race coming up that may have hills in it. If it’s flat? It’ll just feel easier, right? I also chose hill repeats because if you have followed my blog for awhile, I have mentioned that I hate tempo runs more than once!

Hydrate with water or hydrate with a sports drink?

Neither? Is that an answer? I am the worst hydrator (real word?) and tend to not drink water on my runs. Afterwards, I do choose plain old water!

Itch constantly as you’re running or sneeze constantly as you’re running?

Hmm.. this one is a tough one. I think I’d probably lose my balance or trip over something if I kept sneezing. So, I choose itching constantly, as long as it’s not my butt that is itching. That’s just awkward.

Compete in the Olympics as a runner or in another sport? (What sport?)

Runner! Maybe in the 400m? That would be sooooo cool but let’s be serious, I will NEVER be that fast.

Be a short distance sprinter OR be the energizer bunny, holding the same pace for a long period of time?

Both. But if I had to choose, I think I would rather be a short distance sprinter. Over the past few months (blame it on CrossFit), I have started to enjoy running shorter distances and faster! Why, you ask, am I training for a marathon then? haha.

Do speed work on a treadmill OR do speed work on a track?

I enjoy doing speed work on the treadmill because I can set my pace. On a track, I have to keep looking at my watch to make sure my intervals are kept at the same pace. What a pain in the neck. Literally!

Do core work OR stretch post run? 

Anything but abs! I choose stretching. Also, being prone to injuries, stretching is a MUST.

Have no toe nails OR black toe nails?

I have been lucky not to lose any toenails or get black toenails for that matter so if I had to choose, I would say black toe nails. You can still paint those. Can you paint a toe without a nail?

Wear an army pack while running OR wear lead toed boots while running?

Army pack! We have worn weighted vests a few times during CrossFit workouts and although it’s pretty bad/hard, I bet it’s better than lead toed boots.

Run twice a day three days a week or run once a day for seven days a week?

Twice a day, three days a week. I am prone to injuries (see above) so I need my rest days!!

Have side cramps your entire run or have leg cramps your entire run?

Ugghh. Side cramps are the worst! And I have experienced them enough that I needed to completely stop running but although I haven’t really experience leg cramps, I am going to assume walking probably isn’t even an option with those. Survey says, side cramps!

So there ya go. Now it’s your turn! Leave some of your answers in the comments or post on your own blog and leave a link so I can check out your post. HAPPY FRIDAY.


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