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Date Night: Restaurant Crawl

I am sorry that I am being the worst blogger lately. Honestly, I haven’t had much going on and I don’t want to bore you with subjects that aren’t interesting and I am only blogging about so that I have something to post. I do have some big news coming up but since I am the most indecisive person who likes to jump the gun, I am trying to make an informative decision (that I don’t change every other day) before announcing it to you all!

Anyway, Saturday night I planned a Restaurant Crawl for Tim and I. Sort of like a bar crawl but for old people that can’t handle more than a beer or two! Yup, we are officially old.

We started out at Iron Hill Brewery on Main St. in Newark, DE, home of the University of Delaware. We’ve eaten here a lot lately but only because they have the best egg roll sampler ever! They also are a brewery and we enjoy their Hefenweizen seasonal beer.


photo 1(68)The Brewmaster’s Egg Rolls Sampler includes South Philly Egg Rolls (roast pork, broccoli rabe, provolone, asiago, and cherry pepper-tomato relish), Mexicali Egg Rolls (spiced chicken, poblano and red pepper rajas, sweet corn, black beans, monterey jack, cheddar and avocado-lime crema), and Cheesesteak Egg Rolls (fried onions, american cheese, matchstick potatoes, ketchup, and horseradish). They are amazing and the perfect size to share with one other person!

photo 2(66)

Next up, we headed to a restaurant they just opened recently, 16 Mile Taphouse.  It was originally The Stone Balloon Winehouse but they must have rebranded it to the 16 Mile Taphouse. Another great restaurant with a HUGE beer selection. We were less adventurous here and ordered Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures but it was super dark in the restaurant and I am not one to disrupt everyone with an annoying flash.

photo 5(36)

photo 4(46)We started with another appetizer, the Short Rib and Aged Cheddar Pierogies. They tasted like regular pierogies to us. The cheddar and short rib was pureed into the “mashed potatoes” part and I didn’t really get the distinct taste of either but they were still good.

photo 2(67)For my dinner, since I was already beginning to feel full, I ordered the small order of the Mussels. They were in a wine sauce with onions and diced ham. They were very good. Tim ordered the Shrimp Po Boy sandwich. It was huge! And the fries were delicious. Again, sorry for the horrible pictures. It really was a dungeon in there.

 photo 4(47) photo 3(55)

Last but not least, and the reason we finished our very long (2!) restaurant crawl here was that instead of making it to the gelato place, we decided to eat dessert here. Ginger donuts with a raspberry sauce? Oh yeah. It could have used some drizzled honey but I may still be dreaming about the Goat Cheese Donuts from Salt Tavern.

photo 5(37)The weather was beautiful out and we were able to walk around to all the restaurants. It was an excellent date night. Afterwards, we ended up on the couch (as per usual) watching HGTV. We’re so old!


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