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Weekly Workout Wrap Up (7/29-8/4)


Monday 7/29

  • CrossFit WOD
  • photo 3(56)2 mile run- 15:57
  • Tabata GHD Back Extensions, 10 per round (80 total)
  • 50 GHD abs- 3:39

Tuesday 7/30

  • Rest Day: BIRTHDAY!!

Wednesday 7/31

  • CrossFit WOD

photo 4(48)

Thursday 8/1

  • CrossFit WOD

photo 5(38)

Friday 8/2

  • Strength: Deadlift and Bench Press
  • CrossFit WOD

photo 1(70)

Saturday 8/3

  • CrossFit Hero WOD- In honor of the 2 year anniversary of the 31 heroes who gave their life in Afghanistan, our box along with others all around the world completed a partner workout. It was a 31 minute (1 minute for the 30 soldiers and one dog) of 8 thrusters (for the month of August), 6 rope climbs (for the day in August), 11 box jumps (for the year) and a 400m run holding a sandbag. While one partner completed the thrusters, rope climbs, and box jumps, the other ran with the sandbag. When the partner returned from the run, we would switch and start from where the other left off in the strength portion. Check out more about the 31 Heroes website for more information and also if you would like to donate. Donations are used for programs that provide support to families of all fallen military heroes—past, present, and future.

photo 2(68)

Sunday 8/4

  • Rest Day

Weekly Miles: 5.62 miles (this is just miserable lately)
Yearly Miles: 362.67
Weekly Minutes: 250 minutes


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