Support the families of the fallen Hotshots

Hi Friends.  I’ve got a great cause that I want to tell you about! On June 30, 2013, 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team lost their lives in a wildfire in Yarnell, AZ. Only one member survived. All the victims were young ranging from 21 to 36 years old.

Six of the nineteen fallen Hotshot firefighters were CrossFitters at Captain CrossFit in Prescott Arizona; the Hotshot compond is about 100 meters out the back gate of Captain CrossFit.

Thirteen of the fallen firefighters were seasonal workers and not entitled to benefits if injured or killed.  Their families lost a father, husband and the primary income earner and have no safety net.  Collectively, thirteen children lost their fathers and there are another three kids yet to be born who will never know their fathers.

CrossFit Headquarters has decided to allocate the funds to Arizona School Board Aassociation(ASBA).  The fund that has been set up is in the fallen 19′s community and all the funds will benefit their children.  Because most of the fallen were CrossFitters and members or associated with Captain CrossFit, we want to direct our efforts to those families specifically.  All of the funds raised on CrossFit’s site will go to the ASBA fund.  Their aim is to raise $5,000,000 to support the education needs of the sixteen children.

Please help donate so that the families and children of these victims can be supported!

Donate here: Hotshots19 CrossFit Fund

Also check out the article below. Many of the wives and families are being denied lifetime benefits by the town because their husbands were considered seasonal employees although they worked 40+ hour work weeks. The primary income for most of these families is now gone and they are not receiving any help from their husband’s benefits.

Town denies Arizona Hotshot widow left with four children promised lifetime benefits

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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