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9/11 Tribute WOD

Last night at CrossFit I participated in a 9/11 CrossFit WOD. The energy and the hard work that showed througout the entire workout and afterwards was heartwarming. Our coach couldn’t have said it any better…

$7066010FEA590D70The workout looked like this…

2001m Row or 2001m Run  (1.25 miles)
11 Box Jumps (30″ / 24″)
11 Thrusters (125# / 85#)
11 Burpees
11 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
11 Power Cleans (170# / 115#)
11 HSPUs
11 KB Swings (2 pood / 1.5 pood)
11 Toes to Bar
11 Deadlifts (170# / 115#)
2001m Row  or 2001m Run (1.25 miles)

2001 for the year, 11 for the date, and 9 different exercises (not included the run/row) for the month. This workout is to honor those who gave their lives on that awful day. Although I know that a workout isn’t anywhere near what the victims on 9/11 gave for their country, it is the least we can do.

I was able to do the entire workout prescribed (at the weight and the exact movement) except for the power cleans which I scaled down to 85 lbs.

I began with a run and ended with a row. My time was 30:46.

Afterwards,  I cheered the 630 class on and made sure to help with stripping or adding weights or any other help that was needed. I also helped Anna by running with her at the end of her workout. She started with the row and ended with the run.

Post WOD

Afterwards, we headed to a local bar for some eats. This happened.

photo(9)With the paleo challenge (more on this soon) starting on Monday, I am eating whatever I want until I cant anymore. Sad face. This burger was AMAZING!


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