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Fitness Friday: MetCon Purgatory

Last week, our coach Don and CrossFit Bel Air, came up with a triple metcon (metabolic conditioning) WOD (workout of the day) for us to “enjoy.” I actually like the metcons better than the strength days because obviously, I am better at them (think, endurance workouts) than I am at lifting heavy weights.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this workout with you because it’s a killer but it’s also great because there is so much variety that it is kind of fun. KIND OF. You will need access to bars and weights and a pullup bar. And easy access to outside for the run portion. I know, its a lot but remember, its a “fun” one!

21-15-9 is a rep scheme used a lot in CrossFit and when you see these workouts, you know its considered a sprint. These workouts should be done fast at a moderate weight. The first 21 reps should be done unbroken or pretty close. You do 21 of each exercise before moving onto the round of 15 and so on. Most of these weights were doable for me but a little too heavy so I scaled. If you decide to incorporate this into your training or at your CrossFit box or wherever, scale to a weight that is challenging but doable.


This took me (with the breaks) about 40 minutes which, according to my coach, is a good time. I scaled the weight to 55 lbs for snatches even though I know I can definitely do 65 lbs now. I scaled the deadlifts to 135 lbs and the thrusters to 65 lbs. It sucked while doing it but I liked the variety and the breaks really helped in the recovery between workouts. And at the end of every workout, you always feel good about yourself, right!?


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