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Simple Pleasures

I have had a rough couple of months (no need to bore you with negativity) but after a month of being down, I realized I have so much to be thankful for. Things could be wayyyyy worse and that has helped me get through each day and try to live it to the fullest. What better week to post about the simple pleasures of every day than the week of Thanksgiving??

simple pleasures

  1. A good country song on the radio
  2. A cold glass of water
  3. A comfy bed
  4. A beautiful run
  5. French Toast
  6. How I feel after a long run or CrossFit WOD
  7. Swiss Cake Rolls
  8. Reading
  9. Vanilla soft serve on a wafer cone with rainbow sprinkles (I see a food trend here)
  10. The beach
  11. Cuddling
  12. Pizza and french fries and Friday night
  13. Seeing pictures of my beautiful “niece” Clare
  14. A good laugh
  15. Family & friends
  16. Shopping
  17. Fall Foliage
  18. Christmas music (seriously, I love when I find the station that ONLY plays Christmas music)
  19. Walking around a city in a winter coat and heels
  20. Starbucks
  21. The ability to travel for work as much as I do
  22. Icing
  23. My Jeep
  24. Trails
  25. Bingo Bash (bingo app)
  26. Surf Taco (beachy taco place in my hometown)

OK.. well I think that is enough for right now…. what are your simple pleasures??



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