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Three strikes and you’re NOT out

Last year, I was denied for the third year in a row to the New York City Marathon. I was aware of the guaranteed entry policy of 3 consecutive year denials and you would automatically be accepted in the 4th year. With Sandy and the cancellation of the 2012 NYCM, there was a lot of speculation going around and miscommunication that 2013 was the last year of guaranteed entry. This meant that you would have had to been denied in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and 2013 would be the last year that guaranteed entry due to 3 years of denials would be honored. Any year after that, you would have to enter into the lottery. From then on, you could be denied 10 years in a row and it wouldn’t matter. This was really upsetting to me because I thought the policy showed that 2014 would be the LAST year meaning I was denied in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and would be guaranteed in 2014. Many people thought otherwise until….


107b0e245b5211e39bd0129dfc2dce15_8I was right!

I am beyond excited to run my FIRST (and hopefully, but I am not guaranteeing anything, not my last) marathon in New York next November.

I have had many struggles with training for a marathon. Case #1 and Case # 2. I had hopes to run a marathon in both 2012 and 2013. This, obviously, did not happen due to both injuries and lack of training. I have been anxious and scared ever since to increase my mileage to anything more than 13 miles. In 2012, I got injured at 17 miles. I had decided months ago that maybe my body just doesn’t have what it takes to run a marathon.

That thinking changed when I was accepted into the NYC Marathon!! Next year I plan to train smart and I “hope” (hope is not a strategy) to fully complete the marathon. It may be my first and my last but I am excited to say that I will be in NY in November running a marathon!

Who else has guaranteed entry? Were you denied like me the last 3 years? Or maybe you are a speed demon and qualified with a time? If you are applying for the lottery, good luck to all!!!


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