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My First CrossFit Competition

Oh HEY! Remember me? Sorry I have been MIA (are you sick of hearing my apologies?). I have been trying to keep myself busy since I am going through some not so fun times (no more dampening your mood) and have been focusing my energy on CrossFit and hanging out with friends.

Anyway, last Sunday I competed in my FIRST CrossFit Competition with a team. The Hardbat Holiday Classic (scaled division) took place at Hardbat CrossFit in Newark, DE. It was a team competition of 4 (2 men, 2 women) that consisted of 3 other people from my CrossFit gym; Lori, Chad, and Dave.Our team name: Wall Balls Deep! So classy…

In one word, the experience was AWESOME. It was nerve racking, and fun, and exhilarating, and tiring. I guess one word couldn’t describe the experience.

We knew the workouts ahead of time and were confident we could perform all the prescribed movements. We arrived early (630am!) to get a good spot since we would be hanging out all day. We got a good camping spot upstairs that had windows overlooking the gym where everyone would be working out. We came prepared with all our gym needs (lifting shoes, WOD shoes, extra clothes, etc), tons of water, and snacks.


3 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) Thrusters (55#)
Burpees over the barbell
Kettlebell swings (16kg)

Men go first and split the reps throughout the 9 minutes. When one guy drops the bar, the other picks up and performs the movement as the other rests. Men cannot work at the same time. At the 9 minute mark, women begin.

We finished the 18 minutes with 438 reps total.


5 minutes to work up to max strength complex. Deadlift into squat clean, into front squat, into shoulder to overhead. Bar cannot rest on the ground. Each team member has 5 minutes and once those 5 minutes is up, the next team member begins their complex. There is no rest period between each member’s workout.

Our score was the total weight completed by the team, or 575.


30-20-10  Clean and Jerks (115/75#) and Wall Balls (14/10)

This was performed by partners. I teamed up with Chad and Lori was with Dave. Chad and I went first and had to complete 30-20-10 of each of those movements between the two of us. We split it up by 5’s  for the Clean and Jerks and 15 and 15 wall balls for the first round. We did the same for the C&J for the round of 20 and 10 and 10 wall balls. The last round we each did 5 C&J and I finished with the last 10 wall balls. Lori and Dave has basically the same strategy.

We finished at 11:32 in the 20 minute time cap.

Only the top 5 teams made it to the 4th and final WOD. We finished 18th of 43 teams and we’re beyond thrilled! Besides Lori who has done one other competition, this was our first EVER competition.

Our very good looking team 🙂

6 thoughts on “My First CrossFit Competition”

  1. First off, no need to apologize! Glad to hear everything is going well. Congrats to you on your first CrossFit Competition! I am sure that was truly an exciting and rewarding experience. I have always been interested in going to one. I’ll have to ask a buddy who does it regularly and apart of a CrossFit gym about it. 🙂

    Happy Training

    1. Thank you! I highly suggest watching one. It is fun but sometimes it can be as tiring spectating a competition as it is competing.. haha maybe not! You’re in for a LONG day of watching and waiting but the atmosphere is great and so is the crowd and the music!

    1. Thank you so much. I loved the experience and I loved competing with a team. I think an individual competition would be a completely different story. I felt like I pushed myself because I had my team relying on me!

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