2013 Resolutions in Review

I was super nervous to review my goals I had made for 2013 because I don’t think I have actually looked at them since I made them. Whoops. That is why I think New Year’s resolutions are now dumb. What is the difference in making a resolution today or 2 weeks ago? Or in July? There isn’t, in my opinion. But don’t mind me because I am still going to make goals for 2014 that I won’t stick to!

2013 Resolutions:

RUN!!! RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN- This actually happened A LOT this year. My mileage may not have been as high as it usually is because I was complementing running with CrossFit but I PR’ed in the 5k, 5 mile, 10k, and half marathon! Moral of this story- more running doesn’t make you faster. Woot woot.

Floss every day- Floss every OTHER day?

Eat Healthier- My goals within this overarching goal was to drink more water, reduce my intake of refined carbs, and eat more protein. I definitely don’t think I changed my water intake and I SUCK at drinking a lot of water. 2014 goal? As for eating more protein and cutting back on refined carbs, I think I had an on and off relationship with these goals. Some weeks, I ate super healthy, others (more of these weeks than others) I ate cupcakes daily. Whatevs.

Work on my motivation- Because I was injured at the end of 2012 and into 2013, I was lacking motivation to work out. I hated the elliptical and all I wanted to do was run. Fortunately, I discovered CrossFit in mid January and the rest is history. I focused more of my attention on CrossFit than running and CrossFit actually helped my running without even having to run! I PR’ed my half marathon in April and May barely training.

Two resolutions to help with my motivation were to be able to do 5 pullups by the end of the year and to do a plank a day. I am currently laughing out loud to my resolution of planking once a day. I think that ended in January. I actually don’t remember the last time I planked. As for the pullups, I can definitely do 5 strict pullups and even more strict chinups. I can kip (CrossFit term that involves momentum) 15-20 pullups.

Create my own Happiness Project- I was reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” last year when I made this resolution. I also think, right after the new year, I stopped reading this book. It is on my nightstand, half read. Needless to say, I did not create my own “happiness project” but I definitely did some soul searching towards the end of the year. My resolutions within this resolution were to work on my attitude and to stop stressing over things I can’t change. I think I can honestly say that both are not as big as an issue for me as they used to be. Although my attitude comes with the territory and sort of makes me, well me, I have been able to tone it down a little and work on thinking before I speak. And stressing over things I can’t change? Well, consider me stress-free. Well, not really but I just have to remind myself when i do stress out that I should focus on the things I CAN change and not on what I CAN’T change.

Sleep Better- This is also another resolution I had an on and off relationship with. I still haven’t figured out what helps me sleep better some days and why other days I am restless. I was taking melatonin now and then to help sleep but it didn’t really work well for me. I would feel groggy the next day. On days, I really wanted to conk out, I took sleeping pills but I also didn’t want to make those a habit. Lately, I have been sleeping better without the help of any pills. On these days, I realize I am going to sleep in a happier and more peaceful mood. Last night was a DIFFERENT story. I have no words for that sleepless night.

After rereading this post, maybe I didn’t do as bad as I thought. GO me! Yes, I need to work on some things (cough diet cough) but I am really proud of myself. I guess I don’t need to add “give myself words of encouragement’ to my 2014 goals?


2 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions in Review”

  1. Sounds like a successful 2013 to me! Congrats! Who knows, you may have been able to run faster times with crossfit AND more mileage. Never rule out running as a means to be a better

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