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Gemini Games CrossFit Competition

Two weekends ago I competed in a partner CrossFit competition with my bud, Lori.

There was a competition at Titan CrossFit on both Saturday and Sunday for multiple divisions of athletes because so many people wanted to register and the wait list was HUGE! We participated during Sunday’s competition in the women/women scaled division. There were over 180 athletes competing on Saturday and over 140 on Sunday.

I went to watch some of the athletes from my gym compete on Saturday and that may have been a mistake. I was standing on my feet for almost 6 hours and I was sore Sunday morning!! There were 18 teams of 2 women in my division that Lori and I were up against, including 2 other teams from our own gym. It almost felt like we were working out in a regular WOD at our gym since we all competed next to each other. That helped with nerves, for sure! Anyway, onto the WODs!

WOD 1:

10 minute time cap
1000m row
Ladder of Thrusters and paralette-facing burpees (aka 1 thruster, 1 burpee, 2 thrusters, 2 burpees, 3 thrusters, 3 burpees…. and so on)

The workout could be split up any way we chose. I started first on the rower and finished a little over 600m and then Lori hopped on. After the row, we walked over to the thruster and burpees station. I completed the thrusters and Lori completed the burpees.

We ended up 6th of 18 in this workout and got into the 10th round of thrusters/burpees.

WOD 2:

10 minute time cap
20 single unders (jump rope)
20 jumping lunges
40 single unders
20 hand release push ups
60 single unders
20 box jumps
80 single unders
20 situps
100 single unders (then back up…)

Single unders must be unbroken which means if you get to 98 on the set of 100 and mess up, you have to start over.. eeeekkk! Any remaining time in the 10 minutes, we would keep doing jumping lunges for reps until the time is up. This WOD could also be split up however we preferred. On the way down the workout, Lori did the 20 reps of the different exercises and I jumped rope and then we switched when we got to the 100 single unders.

We got 9th out of 18.

WOD 3:

10 minute time cap
40 Deadlifts 125#
10 Kettlebell swings
20 Deadlifts 145#
20 Kettlebell swings
10 Deadlifts 165#
40 Kettlebell swings

The remaining time in the 10 minutes would be used to get as many deadlifts at 165# that we could. Lori and I split up the deadlifts and kettlebell swings almost evenly. She helped out by getting 5-10 165# deadlifts at a time at the end and I was averaging around 4-5.

We finished 4th of 18 in this WOD.

Overall, we finished 5th of 18 teams and we were ecstatic! We definitely worked as a team and read each other well enough to help out when needed. This was so much fun that I couldn’t even get out of bed Monday morning to go to work!!!

Thank you to all who came to cheer us on and take pictures, especially Robin Lerner for the awesome photos!!!


4 thoughts on “Gemini Games CrossFit Competition”

    1. I definitely recommend it. It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere of competitions are just great anyway! Also, I think competing with a partner, in my opinion, forces me to work harder because I am not only letting myself down if I don’t work my hardest, I am letting someone else down!

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