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Polar Vortex Indoor Workouts

The freezing (and wayyyy below freezing) temps have kept me inside lately. How come I always have the urge to run outside when it’s either negative degrees outside or snowing? Seriously, it never fails. Anyway, as much as I used to be a treadmill runner, I now despise running inside but due to the massive amounts of snow MD has been getting lately, I’ve had to improvise on my cardio sessions!

I have been trying to run more lately since I have been slacking and since I know when I start training in a few months for the NYCM, I’ll need to have a good base. Of course, I decided to start running again during this month long cold front we’ve had in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic (oh yeah, and Southeast). Below are two of the cardio workouts I did to keep myself sane this week.

If you have access to a rower, this is a good one that keeps your heart rate up but has an adequate rest period. I tried to keep each 250m interval under a 2:00 minuter per 500m pace but some of them creeped over the 2 minute mark. 30 seconds was adequate for me although it went by FAST! This took me a little less than 20 minutes and I was SWEATING!

row your boat

I love speed work, especially short intervals. I live behind a track so when it’s warm enough out, I’ll head over there to perform intervals but obviously, I haven’t made it outside lately. Below is a good interval workout I came up with on Tuesday. I hate the monotony of the treadmill sometimes so this mixes it up. I ran the first set of 400m intervals at a 6:40 pace and the second set at 6:18. Make sure these intervals are challenging because you have 200m to rest by either walking or jogging. The whole workout took me about 45 minutes.

polar vortex treadmill intervals

How do you stay active when it is way too cold outside??


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