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What’s in my gym bag?

I carry a rather large gym bag around but I never know what kind of workout I am going to embark on at CrossFit or if I’ll feel like running that day so I bring anything I would need for any situation. Below is EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) that I carry around daily. Also, I hope you like the photos taken on my carpet. So professional.

Lululemon bag (bought on sale)
  • Sneakers- On most days I have one or two pairs of sneakers in my bag depending on the workout of the day. Sometimes I even have three. On those days I pack my running sneakers, my CrossFit Nanos for all workouts that don’t include more than a mile of running, and my Olympic lifting shoes for the days I am strength training (i.e. squats, cleans, etc)
Mizuno Wave Inspire 10, Reebok Nano 3.0, Reebok Oly Lifter
  • Clothes- This is an obvious one, as well. Most of the time I have Lululemon speed shorts and a tank. On days I know I will be rope climbing, practicing double unders, or running outside I will bring tights. On days that we have box jumps in the WOD, I will bring knee socks.
  • First aid pocket of my bag- Tape, bandaids, liquid bandage, protein bar, Rocktape. I never know when I may rip my hands doing pull-ups or need some fuel before a meal.


  • Jump rope- For double unders. I love the Rx Smart Gear jump rope. You get to design it yourself by picking the handle color and the rope color. It is also customized to your height and there are 5 different weights to choose from. The heavier are for the beginner and you can go lighter for when you become better at double unders. I have the three middle weights.
Rx Jump rope (different weights)
  • Logbooks- I record EVERY workout.


  • Bag pocket for headbands, wrist wraps, arm sleeves, gloves- This is my pocket for when my hair gets in the way, I am working on movements that may hurt my wrists, or I am running outside and need ear warmers or gloves.


What’s in your bag? Any essentials I am missing?


4 thoughts on “What’s in my gym bag?”

    1. I bought the pictured bag online from Lululemon in their “we made too much” section last year. I always check there first for discounts because they are usually so expensive!!

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