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My 2014 Running Goals

2013 was a big PR year for me. I PR’ed the 5k, 5 mile, 10k, and half marathon distances. I am hoping to make 2014 an even BIGGER PR year for me. Now, I just need to practice that activity called running, huh? (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway, I was hoping that if i publicly announced the running goals I have for myself this year, I would be more likely to stay on track and actually achieve them. We shall see….

time based goalsYeah, I am getting a bit ambitious. We ran the mile at CrossFit back in January and I got a 6:40. It was cold, early, and an out and back (uphill) course so I am hoping to try it out on a track and take some time off.

I am pretty sure my 5k is also very ambitious. I ran a 21:35 in December but it was hilly. Again, I am hoping that on a flatter course, I can crush this PR. But most likely die trying…

So you are probably sensing a trend here. I think my 10k is the most ambitious. My 10k PR is around 48 minutes and I did that in April 2013. I haven’t ran a 10k in awhile (minus my trail race and that one I WAS NOT trying to PR) so it may be feasible. But this is also 30 seconds off per mile… ahhhhh.

I actually cannot keep typing up this post without laughing at my time goals…. I am WAY TOO AMBITIOUS. Oh well, I guess I have 9 months to train and incorporate more speed work into my plan.

A half marathon of 1:42:00 is approximately a 7:50/mile pace. This is about 8 seconds per mile faster than my half PR of 1:44:12. With my average runs (of 4-6 miles) being at about 7:40 pace, I think this is achievable. I know a half marathon is a lot more than 4-6 miles but I think I can do it. Don’t you??

And last but not least, the marathon. I think the pace of a 4:00 marathon is not ambitious but since I have never run a full marathon before, I am not really sure how my body will react. I have also never trained past a 17 mile run without getting injured. I am scared for “the wall” and the fact that my body might just collapse after a certain distance and say “Nope, uh-uh, not happening.. go home!”

running goalsAlthough some of the above goals don’t seem to have anything to do with running, they do for me. 1- I dont drink enough water, EVER. And I get those stupid side stitches on the days I finally schedule a run. I end up running 1 mile while holding my side and then call it a day.

I plan on beginning Marathon Training for the NYCM in June/July. I have had one 20+ week in the last few months and I am pretty sure my last 2 weeks of running did not even combine to 20 miles. Before June, I want to make sure I am consistently running 20+ miles a week so that I don’t shock my body into marathon training mode and get injured.

Once I begin training for a race, I am pretty good at scheduling speed work on Tuesdays and Thursdays but tempo runs usually are left out because I HATE them. I’d rather do short intervals all day, every day than a tempo run. So help keep me accountable for scheduling tempo runs, k? Cool.

I love hot yoga. If it’s not hot, I don’t usually enjoy myself but I live in east bumble MD and unless I want to drive 45 minutes to Baltimore, there aren’t many choices for yoga, let alone Hot Yoga. So for now, I need to take what I can get. I am really bad at stretching on my own and I think that scheduling yoga at least once a week (CF Bel Air has yoga once a week for free for members!) will at least force me to stretch after a long week of CrossFit and running.

Stop eating cupcakes– I need a shirt that says this. And it’s not just cupcakes… its anything sweet. Don’t get me started on Little Debbie Snacks. I need to learn to control my sweet tooth and not eat this crap every day. Nutrition is a HUGE factor in training and what you eat can have a huge affect on your workouts. I wonder why I always feel sluggish…

What are your fitness/running goals for 2014? Are you laughing as much as I am at my goals for this years?


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