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Blue Print Cleanse: Day One

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6:45am- Drink warm water to “get things moving”. Oh, HEY THERE! Aren’t you glad you stopped over here this morning to hear about bowel movements? This morning I began a 3 day juice cleanse by Blue Print Cleanse. I chose the Renovation cleanse which is a beginner cleanse. Although, I TRY to eat healthy and am used to drinking green juices occasionally, I though the beginner cleanse would be less harsh than the others. Especially since I will be detoxing from an extraordinary amount of swiss cake rolls. I am going to try to keep track of my juice throughout the day with time stamped updates so you can see how I am doing/feeling and whether  my hunger pangs/need to eat solid foods have violently sent me into a downward spiral in which I have had to isolate myself from anyone in danger of having their food stolen from me.

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8:15-8:45am- Drink Juice 1 (Green Juice) which is made up of romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon. Since I sometimes make juices with greens in the morning, this green juice isn’t hard for me to get used to. I actually really enjoy it which makes me happy since I have read that this was the hardest juice for some people to drink. SUCCESS!

9:00am- Still doing well. I don’t feel hungry or weird yet but I have only been up for 3 hours…. Let’s see how long this lasts.


11:15-11:45am- Time for Juice 2 (P.A.M)- Made up of pineapple, apple, and mint. This one is delish! I am still doing OK. I am not hungry yet but I have peed 478947938274897329 times.

1:30pm- Besides the fact that I am embarrassingly peeing for 10 minutes nonstop, all is good in the juice cleansing world.

2:00pm- Juice 3 (Green juice again)- Still doing well but I think my brain is starting to realize that I haven’t chewed anything all day and is sad.

Aren't you glad you get to see my face twice in one post?
Aren’t you glad you get to see my face twice in one post?

4:00pm- Juice 4 (Spicy Lemonade)- Comprised of lemon, agave nectar, and cayenne. I am about to leave work and am surprisingly still feeling great. I am, however, heading to the gym and am not sure how my diet today will affect my workout. My energy doesn’t seem any different than usual so that is a plus.

5:30pm- CrossFit- Although my energy level didn’t seem any different than every other night at CrossFit, I definitely felt weaker. Working on overhead strength which I believe to be one of my stronger points in CrossFit, I wasn’t hitting numbers that I have seen before. It could be the cleanse or that I am just super sore this week. Oh well, I killed the met con of clean and jerks and burpees!

Can you find Juice #5?


6:30pm- Juice 5 (or C.A.B)- Comprised of apples, carrots, beets, lemon and ginger, it was also vert tasty and gave me a red juice mustache! So attractive. While drinking my juice and hanging out at CrossFit (i refused to go home to be tempted by food), Alyssa and I were commenting on our juice cleanse….


7:30pm- Craving solid foods! Not even junk food, give me plain chicken and broccoli and I’d be happy. Crazy thought. Maybe this is what the cleanse will do for me: I will crave GOOD food.

Cashew Milk and Glee
Cashew Milk and Glee

8:30pm- Juice 6 (Cashew Milk)- Sweetened with cinnamon, agave nectar, and vanilla. This was dessert in liquid form. It was thicker so it made me feel full and I was thoroughly enjoying the chunky remnants of cashews in the bottle. Anything counts as solid right now!

Bedtime- Now I need to get to bed before I try to eat anything or before I realize how hungry I really am. Day 1 wasn’t so bad except for craving solid foods and peeing 1 million times. 9 to be exact but who’s counting?

Stay tuned tomorrow night for Blue Print Cleanse- Day Two!


3 thoughts on “Blue Print Cleanse: Day One”

    1. Fiona- I am not and I am definitely paying for it. I finally decided that I probably shouldnt be working out on this and am taking off today. I have also realized that my lack of protein has kept me sore for days!

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