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Blue Print Cleanse: Day Three

Note: I fell asleep last night and forgot to finish posting….

It’s the last day of the cleanse and I couldn’t be more excited. Actually, I could. If it was tomorrow and I was eating pancakes, pork roll, and pizza (the three essentials P’s) I would be the most excited. And you know what? Today is National Potato Chip Day and I can’t even participate. How rude!?

This morning I woke up a little hungry but nothing different than any typical day. I do despise juices now and hated opening the first one. I don’t want any more juice!

8:15-8:30am- Juice 1- Taking my sweet time drinking Juice 1. Like I said above, I am so sick of juice! Other than still wanting solid foods, everything is good. I haven’t experienced any headaches throughout this whole process which is a huge plus since I always have headaches and heard that it was one of the main side effects. #juicewin Pee count- 1

10:30am- Cheat! I just had two cucumber slices and 2 pieces of celery. Is it sad that this tastes AMAZEBALLS  (according to Huffington Post I have until I am 30 to use this word) to me?

Roomie and I drinking Juice 2

11:00am- Juice 2 (P.A.M)- I love Mint! This juice makes me feel energized and it helps that mint is supposed to relieve any stomach problems. Is hunger a stomach problem?

1:00pm- Cheat #2! More cucumber and celery. Today I have been hungrier than ever. Alyssa and I went out to run some errands during lunch and both wanted to stop at McDonalds. I am already planning my meal for my return to solids tomorrow. What do you think I should have?

1:15pm- I cheated again…. and it wasn’t an allowed cheat. I had a piece of chicken the size of a quarter and it was delicious. The best chicken ever! Jeez, i need food. If you are looking at doing a juice cleanse, I am probably the worst person to take a review from. My roommate is all about it and is actually have a good experience. I am used to eating a lot more than this and working out a ton and a juice cleanse was not the smartest idea for me. Oh well.

2:00pm- Juice 3 (green juice)- Ughhh, no more green juice. It’s making me nauseous looking at it. Enough said. Cheated again with 6 almonds. Pee count- 4

4:00pm- Juice 4 (Spicy Lemonade)- Headed to the mall with Alyssa to walk around and shop so that I am not sitting at home thinking about food. Couldn’t even finish this juice. I am so sick of juice!

I love you #7
Representing Point Pleasant in MD!

6:30pm- #JUICECLEANSEFAIL- And i don’t care. If you are from NJ, you have probably heard of Jersey Mike’s Subs. They are the best subs ever and I don’t care if you disagree. They have been opening all over the country and I found one in MD and decided if I was going to cheat, it would be on the last day with Mike’s Subs! And I did and I’m not ashamed. Alyssa and I shared a #7 (Turkey and Provolone) and #13 (Italian). I also ordered a second 6 inch for tomorrow. I was never more excited in my life to eat this sub. And it lived up to every expectation I had for it. I was planning on doing CF Open 14.3 Saturday so I knew I needed energy and we obviously know the juices have given me none of that. I have two juices leftover and plan on drinking them over the new few days as supplements to meals.

9:00pm- Swiss Cake Roll for extra energy tomorrow….  Pee count- 8

Ok guys… I don’t recommend this juice cleanse or any juice cleanse for that matter if you plan on working out and are used to eating a lot more.. like me. Since I just got off of it, I am not sure how exactly my body reacted to it so I plan on following up with another review in about a week. I do, however, recommend a juice cleanse if you don’t plan on working out or don’t work out to begin with and eat light. My roommate felt great throughout the entire 3 days unlike me who was a sour puss and grumpy biatch for 3 days. I also recommend this for anyone who needs to drop a few pounds fast before some big event… I dropped 5 lbs in 3 days. Please note that I did not do this cleanse to lose weight because I do not need to lose weight. 5 lbs was a lot for me and I felt weak and gross. Especially since I am trying to put on muscle, losing weight doesn’t help with that process. Nothing against Blue Print Cleanse, I just don’t think it was something I should be doing at this time.



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