Speed Work (plus Giveaway winner)

As I have mentioned previously, I am trying to run more seeing as if I have a half marathon scheduled for the end of the month that I wanted to PR. My goal has changed slightly since I haven’t been running much and I hope to just be within a few minutes of my PR and honestly, I don’t think I will PR. My PR is on this course, a very flat and fast course, at 1:44:12 which I got last year. I am hoping to be in the 1:45-1:47 range this year but we shall see because we know unknown factors can always show up on race day.

Although my weekly mileage is rather low (ugghhh 10 miles if I am lucky), my speed work has been on point. If I could do speed work every day, I would. I HATE HATE HATE tempos and lately have not had the time or energy to start (let alone finish) a long run. I am hoping the speed work pays off when I am running a longer distance at a slower pace and maybe I will PR (wishful thinking)!

Anyway, last night I did an awful but great speed workout at CrossFit. And by “at CrossFit” I mean I did the scheduled WOD then ran sprints around the perimeter of the industrial park we are located in. I wanted to quit by the 3rd interval but I trucked on! Its a lung burner but it’s a goodie.

speedworkladderAnd now onto the winner of the Reebok Spartan Race entry. The lucky winner is:

spartanwinnerSeth, please email me to claim your entry at ritsa(dot)karakanas(at)gmail(dot)com!

For all others, don’t forget the 15% discount code to any Spartan Race in the US!

Who else likes speed work as much as me? Share your workouts!

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One Response to Speed Work (plus Giveaway winner)

  1. Seth says:

    Thanks so much, Ritsa! I emailed you.

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