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Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge 2014

2 weeks ago, 3 CrossFitters plus myself competed in a team competition in Columbia, MD. The Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge (hosted by CrossFit Syndicate) was one of the most fun competitions I have been to and was run so well! It was a 2 day event with 3 WODs (workout of the day) on Saturday and 2 on Sunday with a 3rd WOD for the top 5 teams in each division. There was Rx and Scaled although you probably should have called it Elite and Rx because the workouts (including movements and prescribed weights) were challenging! Chad, Tom, Lena and I were teammates in the scaled division (83 teams) and I couldn’t have asked for a better team! Team CANADIAN BACON!


MAAC Photo booth fun
MAAC Photo booth fun


WOD 1: 2 team members (1 male/1 female) have 6 minutes to work up to their 1RM (1 rep max) Snatch and after those 6 minutes are up, the remaining 2 members have 6 minutes to work up to a 1RM Clean and Jerk. We all PR’ed during this workout! We came in 30th place of 83 with a combined score of 675 points (or combined weight).

photo 2(2)
135# PR

WOD 2: 14 min AMRAP that begins with a 30 calorie row buy in. Two partners (Tom and Lena) begin and have 7 minutes to each row. Team member #2 cannot begin rowing until member #1 gets off the rower and begins the second part of the workout which is an ascending ladder of toes to bar and burpee box jumpovers beginning with 5 each and going up by 4. Example 5 T2B, 5 burpees; 10 T2B, 10 burpees…. After the 7 minutes are up, the 2nd pair (Chad and I) jumps in and begins the row. Once the 1st person is off the rower, that person begins where the first pair left off. This workout was one of the worst for us… we got 64th place of 83.

wod2(2) wod2(4) wod2(8) wod2

WOD 3: This WOD has two pairs working at the same time; women together and men together. We each (side by side) has 12 minutes to complete a circuit. Each partner in the pair works one at a time. Once the first partner is done with the circuit, the next one starts. Each partner completes 5 calories on the assault bike (aka the devil), 15 deadlifts at 125# for the women, 15 wallballs at 14#, 15 deadlifts, and 5 calories on the airdyne. Once both partners are completed, they have any remaining time to get max calories on the bike. Any calories obtained will be subtracted from the total time. We received 28th place in this WOD!

photo 4 photo 5(2) wod3We had beautiful weather that weekend and knew a lot of the other teams competing so we hung out outside in between heats or watched others compete. We set up lawn chairs, coolers, and tents and enjoyed each others company. We also had slumber parties at the hotel at night.

photo 1(78)
Hanging out with the girls….



WOD 4: This WOD began with all 4 team members sharing the completion of 50 overhead squats at 65# for the women and 95# for the men. Only one person worked at the time. Then there was a 50ft buddy carry (think piggyback style) to the other end of the gym where a team member was left off, aka kicked out of the remainder of the workout. We kicked Chad out after he busted out over 25 squats! The 3 remaining members ran back and loaded more weights onto their bar. The 3 of us (Tom, Lena, and I) worked together to complete 40 snatches at 75#/115#. After that, we ran 50m and dropped of Lena. Tom and I ran back and completed 30 squat cleans at 85#/135#. Then he buddy carried me back and ran back to complete 20 Shoulder to Overhead at 155#. We were 20th place in this WOD!

photo 3(1)
Me during squat cleans
photo 3(1)
Chad during OHS
photo 2(2)
Tom during OHS

WOD 5: The last scheduled WOD for the day for all competitors was 100 pullups, 150 kettlebell swings 53#/35#, and 200 double unders. This could be split up however we wanted but with only one person working at a time. Chad and I completed all the pullups and then went on to help out a little with the kettlebell swings. Tom and Lena did a majority of the swings and Chad and I helped out with about 20-30 each. For the double unders, Lena and Chad completed a majority of the double unders and Tom and I helped out with a few.

Unfortunately I could not find any pictures that were taken by the very talented Super Cleary Photo for this event. We got 45th place in this WOD and overall, we came in 36th place! Tom and Lena were first time competitors and as a team, we felt we did awesome! I can’t wait for next year!

photo 1(78)
Best team ever!

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