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My “Woosa” Playlist

I am taking a cue from the outrageously awesome and hilarious Presley at Run Pretty Blog to share a playlist of songs that are my go to songs for relaxing and calming down on stressful days or just slower songs that I really enjoy. These are not my idea of songs for working out unless these somehow pump you up and if so, more power to you. I recently made this playlist and can’t help but thank iTunes radio for the “Fleetwood Mac” and “Billy Joel” stations that have brought me back to my childhood with songs by the artists themselves, as well as, Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Carly Simon. I can just picture my mom and step dad cleaning on a Sunday morning and blasting these songs without any regard to the fact that my sisters and I liked to sleep in past 7am! Thanks Mom and Kevin. This post goes out to you!


What are some songs that calm you down? Or what are just some great songs that I should add to my playlist? I need some suggestions!


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