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Blue Print Cleanse: Day Three

Note: I fell asleep last night and forgot to finish posting…. It's the last day of the cleanse and I couldn't be more excited. Actually, I could. If it was tomorrow and I was eating pancakes, pork roll, and pizza (the three essentials P's) I would be the most excited. And you know what? Today… Continue reading Blue Print Cleanse: Day Three

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A Day In The Life: What NOT to eat during a Paleo Challenge

How is the Paleo Challenge going, you ask? I can describe it in two words. I. SUCK. Seriously. I think I am eating worse during this challenge than before I was trying to eat paleo. I crave things I don't usually crave (cough Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls cough) and since I do not have… Continue reading A Day In The Life: What NOT to eat during a Paleo Challenge

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Paleo Coconut Flour Pancakes

Last Monday, I started (along with 24 other people at my CrossFit affiliate) the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. This is an 8 week nutrition and exercise challenge. Over 8 weeks, CrossFit affiliates all over participate in 8 WODs that have been selected by Lurong Living. (Check out the results of the WODs in my Weekly… Continue reading Paleo Coconut Flour Pancakes