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My “Woosa” Playlist

I am taking a cue from the outrageously awesome and hilarious Presley at Run Pretty Blog to share a playlist of songs that are my go to songs for relaxing and calming down on stressful days or just slower songs that I really enjoy. These are not my idea of songs for working out unless… Continue reading My “Woosa” Playlist

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Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge 2014

2 weeks ago, 3 CrossFitters plus myself competed in a team competition in Columbia, MD. The Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge (hosted by CrossFit Syndicate) was one of the most fun competitions I have been to and was run so well! It was a 2 day event with 3 WODs (workout of the day) on Saturday… Continue reading Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge 2014

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Weekly Workout Wrap Up (4/7-4/13)

  Monday 4/7 Strength: Work up to 1RM Clean and Jerk 130# PR! Weighted Pullups 2 w/ 18# kettlebell 12 min AMRAP of 7 toes to bar, 7 power cleans @ 95#, 7 burpees, 7 kettlebell swings 45# 6+1 Tuesday 4/8 2 miles 15:38 Sprints 800m@ 6:32 pace, 600m @ 6:18, 400m @ 6:09, 200m… Continue reading Weekly Workout Wrap Up (4/7-4/13)

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Reebok Spartan Race (and GIVEAWAY)

If you have been here before (here being my blog), you know I am an avid CrossFitter and runner. I love signing up and training for races, as well as, competing in CrossFit competitions, both as an individual and a team/partner. Reebok is a HUGE sponsor of CrossFit (see Reebok's own CrossFit apparel) and both… Continue reading Reebok Spartan Race (and GIVEAWAY)