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Mobility Monday (Take that piriformis!)

Sunday morning my roommate Jen and I got up early to run the Bel Air Town Run 5k. A quick background on my roommates: At one point, all 3 of us were going to the same Physical Therapy for different injuries. Jen, has since graduated from PT, but still suffers from sciatic nerve and piriformis… Continue reading Mobility Monday (Take that piriformis!)

Mobility, Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday (Foam Rolling)

This week's Mobility post is about foam rolling. Foam rolling can help any athlete, whether you are a runner, CrossFitter, regular gym goer, etc. Regardless of the type of working out you participate in, I am going to make the assumption that most of you have been sore once or twice in your life. Although… Continue reading Mobility Monday (Foam Rolling)

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Mobility Monday (Link Love)

If you work out (or run a lot, in my case), I am sure there are times you feel something off in your body and google every possibility it may be and always expecting the worst. Training for half marathons and doing CrossFit on almost a daily basis, I feel my share of aches and… Continue reading Mobility Monday (Link Love)

Mobility, Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday (4/8)

Last week's Mobility Monday focused on hamstrings. This week I'd like to just mention some of the products I believe help complement stretching and mobility exercises, as well as, prevent injuries and focus on recovering faster. Compression Socks- I've said it before (Top 5 Tuesday Gear post) and I'll say it again, ProCompression socks!! You… Continue reading Mobility Monday (4/8)